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Jul 12 2013

Love and Ego

Before there was time, there was only light, or vibrating energy.  It sat in a void and it didn’t shine because there was not yet any space.  It existed in an abyss and it was all.  Simple, unified, awareness.

At the first instant it began expanding.  It existed in complete harmony with itself. Perfectly still.  Pure.  And then it split.  It divided into material form and left-over vibrational energy, which continued to split into an infinite number of tiny sparks, each containing the full potential of the whole.  It spread outward and its motion began the flow of time.  It divided and coalesced and as it became more distant from its central point, it cooled.  It became lumpy as accumulations began to form and some of the energy converted to mass.  As it separated, empty space emerged between itself.  It’s journey had begun.  It’s intent was to experience, to become aware of itself.

Massive peaks flamed with heat separated by distant troughs filled with emptiness.  Specks of dust condensed and circumnavigated the massives flames.  Everywhere, there was movement.  As the expansion continued and the distances became more pronounced, changes occurred.  Energy converted to matter.  Simple matter fused, making heavier, more complex elements.  Atoms combined to make molecules.  Water emerged.  Although everything came from the same source, began as light or vibrational energy, nothing looked the same anymore.

Fusing, splitting, dividing, reforming.  Molecular structures formed proteins, cells, simple life.  Each simple life form contains a spark of the initial light or vibrating energy.  This was its creative essence.  Replication, reproduction, and slow discriminatory mutation pushed the life from the very simple, to the increasingly complex.  Anti-entropic.  Conflict emerged.  It was necessary for the systems to devise methods for continuous renewal from its own constant destruction. Like a game, evolution progressed allowing life systems to become increasingly advanced.  Awareness reemerged- became manifest through the matter.  This time, the awareness was different.  Instead of a unified glow,  it saw itself as separate and unique.  Evolutionary competition made this illusion more real and the timy sparks of awareness forgot they had ever been, and fundamentally still are, a single entity.

Time flowed.  Believing that they were separate and alone, these sparks wandered in a strange land dominated by illusion.  Death seemed real.  Love seemed transitory.  They sought comfort wherever it could be found- in power, money, food, drugs, possessions  or ideas, and became attached to these things.  Sparks became critical and judgmental of each other.  They resisted the flow of time.  This flow of ‘evil going out’ was instituted by fear, and consisted of anger, resentment, hostility, selfishness, and greed.  At times, the Evil Going Out overshadows the Light Or Vibrating Energy at these beings core.

Non-judgement.  Non-attachement.  Non-resistance.

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Mar 09 2013

Finite Personalities

fpSigmund Freud said that the mind is like an iceberg with a small tip rising above the surface, and a massive core down below. Most of us cling to that tiny island, obsessed with our thinking, and lose touch with our subconscious mind, the place of dreams, fantasy, intuition, and unity.

There are a finite amount of personality types embedded within the spark of conscious awareness given to the individual from the source. I’ll define ‘the source’ as the collective consciousness or collective intelligence manifesting itself as the universe. The universe is a cohesive unit with a progressive, evolutionary nature. Like a genetic algorithm, the universe began as a simple spark,which has been modifying, manipulating itself, and expanding since the event we called the Big Bang. This initial algorithm has blossomed into the complex reality in which we now live. Everything has intelligence whether awareness exists or not. A tree contains intelligence in it’s DNA which defines how it grows. Animals have intelligence whether they recognize it or not. Each individual entity retains a thread linking it back to the source, thus unifying all of creation. Even the sun and the planets express intelligence through their progression of existence and ultimate demise. All mass contains energy contains intelligence.

Intelligence is pervasive about the universe- non-localized because like energy, it is interchangeable with mass. As the source manifest within this reality, intelligence fuels its progressive evolution attaining awareness through life. Each of us contain a portion of source, perceiving ourselves and each other as independent… but we are one.  It could be said that God is observing us through ourselves. Humans seek comfort of the divine through many things, power, money, religion… but these are all empty promises because God exists in ourselves. As a society, and as a culture, we have forgotten our own divinity. We’ve lost our purpose and become robots, identifying only as the bodily form our awareness inhabits. Much conflict exist because of our apparent differences, irrelevant disagreements about truth, and delusion. That delusion is the source of evil.

The world suffered a significant loss with the rise of Abrahamic religions because most other sacred texts were lost or destroyed. We found some of them- the Gnostic Gospels, the Dead Sea Scrolls, hieroglyphs in Egypt and the America’s, etc. These jive with ancient Eastern texts describing methods for communing with our true nature- our unified divinity. They point out that the nature of awareness is clouded by delusion. The question I can answer is why would intelligence turn against itself why does it seem like intelligence is conspiring to destroy itself? Delusion? That seems to be the case at least on this tiny portion of existence. Intelligence or consciousness is conserved and can neither be created nor destroyed. It just is. It manifests, experiences the progression of time, and when it’s biological host dies, it is redistributed in the cycle of existence. If we could condense the lifetime of the universe into a perceivable amount, it to acts as a cycle, pumping out, in, out, in, creating the illusion of time.

No wonder love exists. It is the remnant of our unified nature, instinctually drawing us together and motivating us to help each other. Our conscious awareness has identified as being mundane, transitory, and characteristic of the material world. It glows like a background radiation permeating the universe.

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Sep 16 2012

Life full of bliss despite moments of sorrow

Why hurt ourselves over things that are trivial? Why hate what we envy? Become what you love! Be love! Celebrate life, diversity, and the wonderful system unifying is all.
We are love.
You are light, or vibrating energy.
Together we shine.
Though before you lOve me, u must learn to love you!

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Sep 04 2012

The revolution will not be televised…


Okay kind people of Earth, here’s the deal. This planet is filled with LOVE! As human beings, we’ve defined ourselves to make each of us unique, and thus beautiful. If everyone were the same, our world would be pretty bland and boring. Mr. Rogers would most likely be our neighbor, or maybe Pee-Wee Herman, both of whom spoke great words, although their actions screamed over their small voices.

True beauty comes from the heart, not the skin. We’ve buried our love, like a scared little dog who buries her bone in the back yard…. in order to protect it.

Except, Love is meant to be shared.
LOVE IS INFINITE! It truly never ends.
Let’s accept that, along with whatever past we’ve had.
Lets remember to love each other, and since actions speak louder than words, do something to SHOW your loved ones you care…
Give hugs AND lots and lots of love! =) Love is much more valuable than money, unless you’re a greedy selfish miser, in which case please like this post and move on so that you can learn to love yourself!
Human beings are like sponges. We absorb a little bit of everything we come into contact with, both positive or negative as a result of our environment, modern culture and society, relationships of any kind, etc.
I am cleansing myself of the negative karma from my past, in addition to working my ass off to share all of my work(and I’ve been reminded by a friend that we often don’t value what we get for free?!?!
Love is free, hugs are free, these words are free, I am free, and we live a world that has forgotten that the BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE.  Well my rent, power, Internet, etc all cost $ and i give mine to ppl in NEED.  I realize though, money only has value to you who allow it. It’s worthless to me. May I remind u how, and why, this country began?
Here is a tip: the revolution will NOT BE TELEVISED and I bet if u r not paying attention, u may have missed it.  We become like puppets being controlled behind the scenes. Infiltrate if you wanna create change. A bunch of green paper is worthless.

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Aug 15 2012

Science Is Sure: Smart People Love Drugs

Science Is Sure: Smart People Love DrugsWith over 40 years of research to support their findings, a team of British scientists was slightly surprised to learn that people with higher IQs are much more prone to drug use. “It’s counterintuitive,” says lead author James White. “It’s not what we thought we would find.” And it’s not for lack of trying either.

The Cardiff University team consulted data from 8,000 people in the 1970 British Cohort Study, a group of human lab rats born in the same week in April 1970 and surveyed approximately once every five years about a broad host of topics. The results found that subjects that tested above average on IQ tests at age 5 were twice as likely to have done hard drugs within the past year, when asked at age 30. The smart kids weren’t just smoking pot, either; the numbers suggest that they prefer cocaine and ecstasy. White doesn’t know exactly what caused the difference but he has a good guess. “The likely mechanism is openness to experience,” he writes, “and, I think, it’s also this idea of having an educated view of risk as well.”

This is hardly the first time scientists have connected high IQ with drug use. Last year, evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa tracked a trend similar to that in the Cardiff study and also found that people with higher IQs were more likely to use drugs. He even took it a step further and offered a hypothesis of why. Kanazawa says that smarter people are attracted to “evolutionary novelties” like chemically processed drugs:

People — scientists and civilians alike — often associate intelligence with positive life outcomes. The fact that more intelligent individuals are more likely to consume alcohol, tobacco, and psychoactive drugs tampers this universally positive view of intelligence and intelligent individuals. Intelligent people don’t always do the right thing, only the evolutionarily novel thing.

Kanazawa’s theory would also support the latest findings. Because they require some basic, cocaine and ecstasy are evolutionarily novel in a way that marijuana is not. The good news for you smart people, however, is that even if you’re more likely to try drugs, you’re also more likely to kick the addiction faster.

PS: If you’re reading this and happen to have a high IQ, don’t freak out and do drugs. It’s really dangerous. Seriously, go watch Trainspotting or one of those scary new Darren Aronofsky commercials, if you’re not convinced.

via Science Is Sure: Smart People Love Drugs – Yahoo! News.

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Aug 11 2012

Absence has grown my heart

For the past several weeks I have been on a roller coaster ride of life.  We all have!  We knew 2012 would be a tumultuous year… the Mayans predicted that, among multiple other cultures.  The ancients didn’t lie, and the fact that modern humans have become so chaotic is just a part of the process, a portion of the cycle that is life.

There is one lesson that I have been learning through this whole ordeal, and thats LOVE!  I also see how December 21, 2012 will bring the end of the Piscean age and the beginning of the age of Aquarius.  It’s funny, because I’m working with some Aquarians, and I see them preparing to take the reigns of the galaxy.  We manifest our thought as reality, so keep your thought positive, productive, and focused and life will be grand!!!


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