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Jun 06 2015

The United States of Lies and Brainwashing

93gregory19I’ve decided it is harmful to promote activities that utilize federal reserve notes as ‘value’ because it contributes to a system harming the planet and causing people to become fixated on a delusion similar to the game Monopoly. It is only paper. An apple is not “worth” any amount of ‘money’ based on God… only on human beliefs or delusions.
Real money is not printed by the Federal Reserve and people who use that paper fake money are delusional and perpetuating a lie. That paper is not actually worth anything. It is a lie. Did you think God made it or it was somehow here 300 years ago?
200 years ago it didn’t even exist and when you and I were 2 years old, we had no concept of ‘money’ only reality without lies embedded about what is ‘valuable’. The government has you fooled into believing there is value in this ‘dollar’.
Before ‘money’ existed, Santa was not necessary for Jesus in the Bible but why do “Christians’ think it is so great to lie to their kids about fake characters like the Easter bunny or Santa Claus? Are they in the bible or just added as helpful to deceive people and keep them gullible?
Was it necessary to pay bills or rent before ‘money? … or are those are constructs founded on $? Do you think the fines your court system implements are based on Gods teachings? Or a hoax based on someone’s agenda?
I am a Federal Reserve Note. I have ‘value’ based on brainwashing techniques.
Did you think the native Americans had to pay for things with Federal Reserve Notes? Is That a bank charging interest on the resources it is raping from nature? Who gave them nature?
Maybe George Bush or George HW Bush or Prescott Bush or some other burning bushes will help you like it did Moses.
Maybe it is George Bush or Prescott Bush or George HW Bush or another bush outside or Moses’ burning bush or even Obamacare. Maybe Iraq could help us not be terrorists. We could be bushes. Maybe Santa Claus. .. Maybe Saddam Hussein or Libya even… Maybe oil companies or pharmaceuticals…
Maybe federal reserve notes or the United States of Lies… or we could liberate Afghanistan. Maybe the interest rates or the ‘laws’ which some dude wrote based on an agenda.
Maybe a judge whose job it is to wear a robe and read bullshit statutes based on bullshit. And enforce those pieces of paper because of democracy. Maybe the founding fathers could dump out England’s tea. It may be a bush…
Maybe the native americans or the Salem witches or the US constitution or the bullshit history American children read from a book and accepted without question offer clues. Have you checked the printer it was printed on? Was fiat currency involved? Maybe nature could offer some clues. .. there is a bunch of bushes we can ask.

Maybe ask Jesus or your church or even Santa or another ‘authority figure’. Maybe democracy is fake as shit and you were fooled? Ask a president. How about Obamacare? Or the Bushes…
No need to win the election if you’re named George Bush. Your brother is governor of Florida!!! And your father used to be president AND head of the CIA. Hell, Prescott Bush was a fucking Nazi! Need proof? Here is one of MANY sources not owned by a corporation, the elite bankers, oil companies, or pharmaceutical companies. They are working for ‘profit’ and not anyone’s wellbeing.…/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar

Maybe Hitler would answer your questions… He was a Christian too so you might ask a Jew??? You may also gas a Jew and if you would rather liberate Afghanistan or even Iraq because of WMD, other lies or BS maybe that would help. Ooh, 9/11??? Must have been the 19 scapegoats the media fed you lies about. Maybe some bushes were involved? You think maybe? Maybe Obama? Santa? Or some other fantasy. History could be rewritten and the history books you were taught from may not be accurate. Were you there to confirm or did the book delude you? Maybe a ‘state’ university which didn’t exist except for a bunch of idiots who rebelled against an overzealous monarchy and started their own bullshit government and brainwashed a bunch of people into believing God put it there. It was a fabrication that some men created. It is a lie. Would their outdated opinion be up for review? Did the IRS get authority from nature? Or God? Why should THEY get to tax us and not the other way around? I laugh at fake bullshit statutes which some idiot with an agenda wrote up and an idiot in a black robe with a hammer to pound on his desk has God’s authority to make decisions based on bullshit. Nature and the indigenous people who were here before your ancestors pillaged and claimed ownership of this land think your laws don’t matter. Neither do I. I think the Federal Reserve is counterfeiting something and you have become deluded into believing those paper dollars will be accepted by anyone except brainwashed people who forgot that nature doesn’t charge interest.

Ask your son. Ask the Sun. Ask Jesus, ‘God’s’ son. Or have you nailed up the cross yet? Ask Santa Claus!

Fantasy world? Maybe if I were named Tree or Rock you would elect me? How about Bush? Could you resist? That bullshit sounded pretty real but that whole family is almost invisible what with it being so bushy. Maybe Iraq and the WMD or Afghanistan or any other country you were convinced was evil because of the Bushes lies. Have you been there to see for yourself or did you forget that the TV is not reality? Reality TV??? The Native Americans thought their reality was true. Maybe tv would make it more authentic with the special effects.

Did you know that Obama is related to the Bushes? When did the Bush family become king? Did their birth include more value than yours or mine? Are they able to lie? That family is like a magic family! Maybe Moses would burn the bushes. Ohh, maybe Jesus is related to the Bushes. Skull and Bones is receiving Obamacare!!!! Yale University must be grand! Do you think the skull or bones represent something symbolic? Maybe ask a Freemason!!! Or a Bush or other President!!! Do you know the Rockefeller’s? How about them? Maybe Hollywood and the props and elaborate storylines and special effects produced in movies is more or less real than the bullshit media which a corporation owns. Would some news corporation or government which has a domestic spying campaign and launches wars on everything including nature and ‘terrorists’ based on a Bush’s fantasy world. Fake news media may tell you something other than reality? Would it help you to celebrate thanksgiving and pretend that being gluttonous is like expressing your gratitude for the Earth providing you with things to eat. Did you thank the Native Americans or is being selfish and greedy, focused on the Federal Reserve Notes you were taught had value because of atomic bombs was actually inflationary? Wonder were the ‘money’ generated by inflation and interest rates comes from? Who authorized anyone to acquire it in the first place? Do we all agree to how much gets printed or some assholes who run a bank? Have you checked that out? Maybe the Salem witches will answer or the liberated people of Iraq or Afganistan? Should we launch another war based on something your news made up or do you automatically accept what the TV tell you?

Maybe its the media or some tv show called the News. Maybe your choices have been infiltrated and the CIA stole your reality in order to brainwash you. It could be MK ULTRA. Maybe your son was able to see through those stories and break free from the mental enslavement it has caused. Maybe you should doublecheck with something that is based in truth and not printed on a printing press. Does God have credit or a checking account? maybe God would hire me to do some thing and pay me in Monoloply money or Euros because the US dollar is not based on anything of actual value. Have you been confused because of an elaborate hoax? Or did God say its ok?

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Mar 19 2013

ॐ Aries Awakening: Lightworker Activation ॐ



Greetings Tribe!

On April 10th, take time to experience essence with the New Moon in Aries.  The Aries Moon awakens the wildcat fighter in each of us.  Think of Aries as spark, originality, passion, will, acting on intent, the rush of Spring life force.

This moon sets the cycle to pre-create a focused reality of community, love, and healing.  We’ll begin with a guided meditation to bring our gatherers into their core and down into the root chakra. Together, we give thanks for all that we have become through the lessons both good and bad.

Focus sustains us and helps us nourish our seeds of intention during the months ahead.
What sustains us is love, forgiveness, and community.

In nature if something is released it was no longer needed.
Following this ideology we focus on forgiveness of self and others.

Lighting a Fire

Aries has a natural optimism that comes from the sheer joy of being alive.  The secret gift is how this cardinal fire sign rises to meet any challenge with courage.  We all express personal will in a different way, but Aries puts muscle into it, so we’re able to walk the walk — act on instincts.  As actors, we have more of a hand in shaping our world — as reactors, we can be easily overwhelmed by external forces and influences.

This New Moon is one to prepare yourself spiritually to meet the intensity of the moment.  In this Aries New Moon, we’ll call on allies from the angelic and telluric (Earth) realms, for guidance and protection.

The ceremony will incorporate sound healing with gongs and bowls, essential oils, and other sacred elements.   We encourage you to bring anything that is sacred to you, totems, crystals, art, as well as a journal to record your goals and insights!

After the ceremony we will partake in a community potluck dinner and share our hopes, goals, dreams, and challenges, along with blessings.

The New Moon is a time to start fresh.

These workshops offer a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for spiritual exploration and reflection.  All paths are welcome.  No prerequisites of any kind are needed!  We’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions for future events.  Please post a comment on this page or send an email to

I hope you’re all having an amazing month and look forward to seeing you!

Blessings & Love,



123Event Location:

The Reiki Center
1540 West Fifth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212

Wednesday April 10, 2013

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Visit the event on the Evolver Columbus site.

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Sep 04 2012

The revolution will not be televised…


Okay kind people of Earth, here’s the deal. This planet is filled with LOVE! As human beings, we’ve defined ourselves to make each of us unique, and thus beautiful. If everyone were the same, our world would be pretty bland and boring. Mr. Rogers would most likely be our neighbor, or maybe Pee-Wee Herman, both of whom spoke great words, although their actions screamed over their small voices.

True beauty comes from the heart, not the skin. We’ve buried our love, like a scared little dog who buries her bone in the back yard…. in order to protect it.

Except, Love is meant to be shared.
LOVE IS INFINITE! It truly never ends.
Let’s accept that, along with whatever past we’ve had.
Lets remember to love each other, and since actions speak louder than words, do something to SHOW your loved ones you care…
Give hugs AND lots and lots of love! =) Love is much more valuable than money, unless you’re a greedy selfish miser, in which case please like this post and move on so that you can learn to love yourself!
Human beings are like sponges. We absorb a little bit of everything we come into contact with, both positive or negative as a result of our environment, modern culture and society, relationships of any kind, etc.
I am cleansing myself of the negative karma from my past, in addition to working my ass off to share all of my work(and I’ve been reminded by a friend that we often don’t value what we get for free?!?!
Love is free, hugs are free, these words are free, I am free, and we live a world that has forgotten that the BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE.  Well my rent, power, Internet, etc all cost $ and i give mine to ppl in NEED.  I realize though, money only has value to you who allow it. It’s worthless to me. May I remind u how, and why, this country began?
Here is a tip: the revolution will NOT BE TELEVISED and I bet if u r not paying attention, u may have missed it.  We become like puppets being controlled behind the scenes. Infiltrate if you wanna create change. A bunch of green paper is worthless.

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