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Tag: ego

Jul 12 2013

Love and Ego

Before there was time, there was only light, or vibrating energy.  It sat in a void and it didn’t shine because there was not yet any space.  It existed in an abyss and it was all.  Simple, unified, awareness.

At the first instant it began expanding.  It existed in complete harmony with itself. Perfectly still.  Pure.  And then it split.  It divided into material form and left-over vibrational energy, which continued to split into an infinite number of tiny sparks, each containing the full potential of the whole.  It spread outward and its motion began the flow of time.  It divided and coalesced and as it became more distant from its central point, it cooled.  It became lumpy as accumulations began to form and some of the energy converted to mass.  As it separated, empty space emerged between itself.  It’s journey had begun.  It’s intent was to experience, to become aware of itself.

Massive peaks flamed with heat separated by distant troughs filled with emptiness.  Specks of dust condensed and circumnavigated the massives flames.  Everywhere, there was movement.  As the expansion continued and the distances became more pronounced, changes occurred.  Energy converted to matter.  Simple matter fused, making heavier, more complex elements.  Atoms combined to make molecules.  Water emerged.  Although everything came from the same source, began as light or vibrational energy, nothing looked the same anymore.

Fusing, splitting, dividing, reforming.  Molecular structures formed proteins, cells, simple life.  Each simple life form contains a spark of the initial light or vibrating energy.  This was its creative essence.  Replication, reproduction, and slow discriminatory mutation pushed the life from the very simple, to the increasingly complex.  Anti-entropic.  Conflict emerged.  It was necessary for the systems to devise methods for continuous renewal from its own constant destruction. Like a game, evolution progressed allowing life systems to become increasingly advanced.  Awareness reemerged- became manifest through the matter.  This time, the awareness was different.  Instead of a unified glow,  it saw itself as separate and unique.  Evolutionary competition made this illusion more real and the timy sparks of awareness forgot they had ever been, and fundamentally still are, a single entity.

Time flowed.  Believing that they were separate and alone, these sparks wandered in a strange land dominated by illusion.  Death seemed real.  Love seemed transitory.  They sought comfort wherever it could be found- in power, money, food, drugs, possessions  or ideas, and became attached to these things.  Sparks became critical and judgmental of each other.  They resisted the flow of time.  This flow of ‘evil going out’ was instituted by fear, and consisted of anger, resentment, hostility, selfishness, and greed.  At times, the Evil Going Out overshadows the Light Or Vibrating Energy at these beings core.

Non-judgement.  Non-attachement.  Non-resistance.

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