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Jan 31 2013


I’ve always questioned authority and the conventions of society to the extent that upon extreme analysis and criticism, many aspects seem pointless and arbitrary.  I certainly recognize the importance of having and following rules and I understand the significance of conformity, but my general viewpoint on these things is very objective in that regard.  Rather than feeling a part of the system of conventions, I feel more like an outside observer, further promoting my perception of analysis.

I don’t recognize this tendencies a bad thing in general, although it has caused me some difficulty in understanding and adopting to.  Now that I’m moving past the stage of rebellion that it has caused, I see many benefits.  What I’m understanding further is the underlying cause of this tendency, as well as how I can utilize all the aspects of my personality as an asset rather than a liability.
I do believe that the better I am able to interact and communicate with others the more I will be able to understand and express myself.  That is something that is extremely important in my life at this point.  I know that it has often been my lack of good communication that has gotten me into trouble in the past and possibly contributed to my critique of authority, and aspects of society that so many people seem to take for granted.  In this regard I believe the more I communicate, the more I grow.
I spent the majority of my life considering who I am, the nature of my self identity.  When I was young, until about age 13, I understood my identity in terms of my mom and dad.  Both of my parents are educators, my mother at the elementary level, and my dad at the collegiate level, so I highly identified with education.  Until the age of 13, I had adopted many of the values of my parents, things like using reason and compassion, being tolerant, considerate of others, and acting with integrity and self-discipline.
Throughout my adolescence, my identity was shaped and reshaped by the friends I hung around with, and more fundamentally by the culture at large.  As I rebelled against authority, I developed a sense of ego, believing I needed to gain acceptance by being and doing things that attracted attention.  This led me down a path of insolence and misbehavior, causing me to get into trouble and seek deep within myself for answers…


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Sep 04 2012

The revolution will not be televised…


Okay kind people of Earth, here’s the deal. This planet is filled with LOVE! As human beings, we’ve defined ourselves to make each of us unique, and thus beautiful. If everyone were the same, our world would be pretty bland and boring. Mr. Rogers would most likely be our neighbor, or maybe Pee-Wee Herman, both of whom spoke great words, although their actions screamed over their small voices.

True beauty comes from the heart, not the skin. We’ve buried our love, like a scared little dog who buries her bone in the back yard…. in order to protect it.

Except, Love is meant to be shared.
LOVE IS INFINITE! It truly never ends.
Let’s accept that, along with whatever past we’ve had.
Lets remember to love each other, and since actions speak louder than words, do something to SHOW your loved ones you care…
Give hugs AND lots and lots of love! =) Love is much more valuable than money, unless you’re a greedy selfish miser, in which case please like this post and move on so that you can learn to love yourself!
Human beings are like sponges. We absorb a little bit of everything we come into contact with, both positive or negative as a result of our environment, modern culture and society, relationships of any kind, etc.
I am cleansing myself of the negative karma from my past, in addition to working my ass off to share all of my work(and I’ve been reminded by a friend that we often don’t value what we get for free?!?!
Love is free, hugs are free, these words are free, I am free, and we live a world that has forgotten that the BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE.  Well my rent, power, Internet, etc all cost $ and i give mine to ppl in NEED.  I realize though, money only has value to you who allow it. It’s worthless to me. May I remind u how, and why, this country began?
Here is a tip: the revolution will NOT BE TELEVISED and I bet if u r not paying attention, u may have missed it.  We become like puppets being controlled behind the scenes. Infiltrate if you wanna create change. A bunch of green paper is worthless.

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