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Evolver Columbus is active!

We are Evolver Columbus.  We embrace constant change and adaptation.  Variety is the spice of life so we support and encourage diversity in every way because we believe it makes us beautiful.

We are the archaic revival!  We recognize that the systems in place aren’t working and are in fact breaking down.  We implement new systems.  Never let anyone discourage you from following your dreams.  Stand up! Join US!

Demand the change we’ve been promised by our leaders!
Boycott corporations!
Lets erase the meme that money is power and replace it with the idea that LOVE and COMMITMENT and HARD WORK are the basis of power and influence.

Evolver is a loose knit collection of individuals with a shared vision. We are each like a cell in a larger organism working together. We believe that by reintroducing the sacred knowledge and wisdom practices that have been lost in our prison of materialism, we can create a better future! Join in the movement! We are the solution we’ve been waiting for! If you are unhappy with the state of our world, STOP BITCHING AND START A REVOLUTION!

Greg AKA 6r3g (Sinergi)
Evolver :: Columbus

About Us

Evolver Spores are regional hubs where we explore transformative practices, inspire activism, and raise awareness about today’s most pressing issues, from peak oil to climate change, media manipulation to political corruption. Spores are centers of cultural incubation, social inspiration, and ecological activation that bring together many different groups to manifest local change.volver Columbus is a “Spore” in the international Evolver Network, a non-profit organization building community for the new planetary culture.

Each month, the Evolver Network develops a theme for a event that inspires dialogue and attracts diverse groups. The subjects range widely — examples include peace activism, the Occupy movement, social networks, research into dreams, and alternative currencies. These events bring together local communities and inspire action.

Evolver Columbus is currently hosting presentations, film screenings, meditation flash mobs (MedMob), gift circles, and more. We’ve begun connecting with other organizations in the local area. In the coming months we plan to create conscious parties, workshops, a book club, and anything else we can imagine!

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