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Category: Poetry

Mar 27 2013

As butterflies pass by my eyes…


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Mar 25 2013

Amelioration from my Constellation


Amelioration from my Constellation

She flutters down like sparks of light,
the Earth awaiting her delight.
Drizzle, snow, and thunderstorms
Splashing down as dew drops form.

Thank you nature, for you love,
For washing us from up above.
We welcome your precipitation,
blessing us with transformation.

<3 6r3g

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Nov 07 2012

me and rumi

I shine with the brightest of stars and act with love in the most challenging times. I rise above the self I thought I was. I am you and you are me. It’s beauty, this unity.

“I smile like a flower not only with my lips, but with my whole being.”

~ Rumi

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Sep 11 2012


I wrote this poem about a year ago.  It reminds me of the transition I’ve undergone, and still undergo, to become me.

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Aug 26 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Sine waves, scales, and things that be,
share a reciprocity.
Symbiotic to no end,
back and forth they go again.

I can feel so lost in this world of hopes and dreams,
Endless words cant desribe the things,
Inside of me and inside of you,
My heart is breaking open


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Aug 24 2012


Realize that life moves really fast
My best advice is to treat each day like your last
Time is precious but can seem like a foe
It’s important to remember what matters most

Don’t forget the things worth living for
Stand up when something’s worth dying for
Life’s full of colors and sensory gifts
Just don’t forget what matters most!
♥ 6r3g =)
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Aug 10 2012


Life is a book full of chapters that end with goodbyes,
There are hundreds of people we might come to despise.
Though you know that to hate ends up hurting only you,
so no matter what, love yourself the whole way through!

– Greg

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Jul 22 2012

Spirit Healing

No one ever said that this process was easy,
It’s hard to admit there is something wrong with me.
I’m trying to get to the root of my hurt,
I’m tired of wearing this guilt and shame like a shirt.

Up until now, I’ve had only a glimpse,
Like bubbles that burst as soon as I grab them.
I can’t let my happiness float away from me,
It would be easy to blame it on society.

It’s not the way the world works that is driving me insane,
There is not something outside myself that is causing me all this pain.
I’m searching deep within, and thinking back through my history;
As I attempt to heal from my self-inflicted misery.
– 6r3g

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Jul 18 2012

Defined – 6r3g


Selfishly scheming away from the source,
defined by the moments of pain.
Away from the shadows, commenced by a force,
no longer afraid to sustain.

Behold the black feathers that fall from the sky,
down to an ocean of wrath.
Society lurking, my mouth becomes dry,
burned me from tinder to ash.

Such sorrow, such misery surrounding me now
so why do I beckon with joy?
Connecting with love when our minds will allow,
separateness now only a choice.

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Jul 16 2012

Faith – by 6r3g

This burden of lies and secrets, these wounds to the heart,
Fill me with shame, and pulls my soul apart.
Truths hold me down, like chains in a darkened room,
Broken fragments of glass I’m forced to consume.
Character is fate, that much is certain,
Life is a window- with death as the curtain.
Despite the cliche, truth won’t set you free,
That fascism’s dead is not reality.

Confidence subsided,
Populations grow divided,
Educate the narrow minded,
No fidelity anymore.
Fear, greed, and jealousy,
Arrogance and anxiety,
Become the masters of society,
I can’t live with this anymore.

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