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Category: Music

Jul 21 2012

6r3g – Release(No Wall can Contain my Heart)

Release EP

by 6r3g


This is an EP of tracks I’ve made over the past several months.


released 21 July 2012


all rights reserved

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Jul 18 2012

the past that shaped I – Neuroleptik

the past that shaped I

by Neuroleptik

Absoloop’s special project division seeks to release music that due to life has taken time to reveal its true character. Neuroleptik features the sound of Greg Dietrich and Kevin M. Kennedy, two producers who have created this project without any inkling of what fates would befall them in their future. The original notes and equipment that tell the story how this was created have disappeared, all that is left is the work itself.


released 13 March 2012


all rights reserved

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Jun 27 2012

U2 with or without you (remake)

I made this remake in February.  The vocals(an acapella) were sung by a girl named Drew who appeared on The Voice last fall(2011).  I was in jail at the time I heard it and while sitting in the day-room playing cards when it came on, I began crying.  Luckily I had mad respect so noone beat me up, but I knew I had to remix it just as soon as I was released.  It took a long time to beat map because she wavered in tempo throughout, so I literally had to chop it to bits and stretch/edit/delete tiny pieces/etc to get it to sync.

I hope you like it, and I hope Drew and U2 do as well!

      1. DrewU2

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Jun 07 2012


< *explicit lyrics*>
[ti_audio media=”201″]I wrote this poem on my 30th birthday and recently decided to decorate it with a bit of background music. Its a tribulte, and a reminder to me of all the amazing people who have entered my life when they were exactly what I needed. Thank you! 🙂

BTW- still having issues with audio routing hence the massive processing to eradicate the noize… i love wierd.

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May 15 2012


[ti_audio media=”242″]

Completely impulsive. I <3 u Stephanie!

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