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Category: Creative

Jul 12 2013

Love and Ego

Before there was time, there was only light, or vibrating energy.  It sat in a void and it didn’t shine because there was not yet any space.  It existed in an abyss and it was all.  Simple, unified, awareness.

At the first instant it began expanding.  It existed in complete harmony with itself. Perfectly still.  Pure.  And then it split.  It divided into material form and left-over vibrational energy, which continued to split into an infinite number of tiny sparks, each containing the full potential of the whole.  It spread outward and its motion began the flow of time.  It divided and coalesced and as it became more distant from its central point, it cooled.  It became lumpy as accumulations began to form and some of the energy converted to mass.  As it separated, empty space emerged between itself.  It’s journey had begun.  It’s intent was to experience, to become aware of itself.

Massive peaks flamed with heat separated by distant troughs filled with emptiness.  Specks of dust condensed and circumnavigated the massives flames.  Everywhere, there was movement.  As the expansion continued and the distances became more pronounced, changes occurred.  Energy converted to matter.  Simple matter fused, making heavier, more complex elements.  Atoms combined to make molecules.  Water emerged.  Although everything came from the same source, began as light or vibrational energy, nothing looked the same anymore.

Fusing, splitting, dividing, reforming.  Molecular structures formed proteins, cells, simple life.  Each simple life form contains a spark of the initial light or vibrating energy.  This was its creative essence.  Replication, reproduction, and slow discriminatory mutation pushed the life from the very simple, to the increasingly complex.  Anti-entropic.  Conflict emerged.  It was necessary for the systems to devise methods for continuous renewal from its own constant destruction. Like a game, evolution progressed allowing life systems to become increasingly advanced.  Awareness reemerged- became manifest through the matter.  This time, the awareness was different.  Instead of a unified glow,  it saw itself as separate and unique.  Evolutionary competition made this illusion more real and the timy sparks of awareness forgot they had ever been, and fundamentally still are, a single entity.

Time flowed.  Believing that they were separate and alone, these sparks wandered in a strange land dominated by illusion.  Death seemed real.  Love seemed transitory.  They sought comfort wherever it could be found- in power, money, food, drugs, possessions  or ideas, and became attached to these things.  Sparks became critical and judgmental of each other.  They resisted the flow of time.  This flow of ‘evil going out’ was instituted by fear, and consisted of anger, resentment, hostility, selfishness, and greed.  At times, the Evil Going Out overshadows the Light Or Vibrating Energy at these beings core.

Non-judgement.  Non-attachement.  Non-resistance.

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Mar 27 2013

As butterflies pass by my eyes…


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Mar 25 2013

Amelioration from my Constellation


Amelioration from my Constellation

She flutters down like sparks of light,
the Earth awaiting her delight.
Drizzle, snow, and thunderstorms
Splashing down as dew drops form.

Thank you nature, for you love,
For washing us from up above.
We welcome your precipitation,
blessing us with transformation.

<3 6r3g

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Nov 07 2012

me and rumi

I shine with the brightest of stars and act with love in the most challenging times. I rise above the self I thought I was. I am you and you are me. It’s beauty, this unity.

“I smile like a flower not only with my lips, but with my whole being.”

~ Rumi

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Sep 11 2012


I wrote this poem about a year ago.  It reminds me of the transition I’ve undergone, and still undergo, to become me.

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Aug 26 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Sine waves, scales, and things that be,
share a reciprocity.
Symbiotic to no end,
back and forth they go again.

I can feel so lost in this world of hopes and dreams,
Endless words cant desribe the things,
Inside of me and inside of you,
My heart is breaking open


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Aug 24 2012


Realize that life moves really fast
My best advice is to treat each day like your last
Time is precious but can seem like a foe
It’s important to remember what matters most

Don’t forget the things worth living for
Stand up when something’s worth dying for
Life’s full of colors and sensory gifts
Just don’t forget what matters most!
♥ 6r3g =)
via (1) Facebook.

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Aug 10 2012


Life is a book full of chapters that end with goodbyes,
There are hundreds of people we might come to despise.
Though you know that to hate ends up hurting only you,
so no matter what, love yourself the whole way through!

– Greg

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Jul 22 2012

Spirit Healing

No one ever said that this process was easy,
It’s hard to admit there is something wrong with me.
I’m trying to get to the root of my hurt,
I’m tired of wearing this guilt and shame like a shirt.

Up until now, I’ve had only a glimpse,
Like bubbles that burst as soon as I grab them.
I can’t let my happiness float away from me,
It would be easy to blame it on society.

It’s not the way the world works that is driving me insane,
There is not something outside myself that is causing me all this pain.
I’m searching deep within, and thinking back through my history;
As I attempt to heal from my self-inflicted misery.
– 6r3g

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Jul 21 2012

6r3g – Release(No Wall can Contain my Heart)

Release EP

by 6r3g


This is an EP of tracks I’ve made over the past several months.


released 21 July 2012


all rights reserved

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Jul 18 2012

Defined – 6r3g


Selfishly scheming away from the source,
defined by the moments of pain.
Away from the shadows, commenced by a force,
no longer afraid to sustain.

Behold the black feathers that fall from the sky,
down to an ocean of wrath.
Society lurking, my mouth becomes dry,
burned me from tinder to ash.

Such sorrow, such misery surrounding me now
so why do I beckon with joy?
Connecting with love when our minds will allow,
separateness now only a choice.

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Jul 18 2012

the past that shaped I – Neuroleptik

the past that shaped I

by Neuroleptik

Absoloop’s special project division seeks to release music that due to life has taken time to reveal its true character. Neuroleptik features the sound of Greg Dietrich and Kevin M. Kennedy, two producers who have created this project without any inkling of what fates would befall them in their future. The original notes and equipment that tell the story how this was created have disappeared, all that is left is the work itself.


released 13 March 2012


all rights reserved

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Jul 16 2012

Faith – by 6r3g

This burden of lies and secrets, these wounds to the heart,
Fill me with shame, and pulls my soul apart.
Truths hold me down, like chains in a darkened room,
Broken fragments of glass I’m forced to consume.
Character is fate, that much is certain,
Life is a window- with death as the curtain.
Despite the cliche, truth won’t set you free,
That fascism’s dead is not reality.

Confidence subsided,
Populations grow divided,
Educate the narrow minded,
No fidelity anymore.
Fear, greed, and jealousy,
Arrogance and anxiety,
Become the masters of society,
I can’t live with this anymore.

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Jul 15 2012

My life


I really don’t think I’m a bad person, but I know I’ve made some very bad choices in life and done some horrible things. I have to admit, most of those incidents involved either my being under the influence of drugs, or in an effort to obtain drugs or alcohol. A few were spontaneous acts, random mistakes. At this point in my life, I am motivated towards change and believe that only by documenting and confessing my past mistakes can I truly wash the wreckage of them from my past.

I’d like to understand myself and to be understood. I wasn’t born a misfit and I wasn’t raised to do ‘bad’ things. Quite the contrary. My mom and dad are upstanding people, educators who work hard and follow the rules. They’ve always taught me to think before I act, make good decisions, and correct my mistakes. I’m not sure how I so wrongly interpreted those lessons. Looking back, I suppose I can see the progression from bad to worse, hindsight is 20/20, right? But I never imagined how bad things would become before they’d start getting better.

I began writing the manuscript for this memoir on my 28th birthday. I can’t say I celebrated 28 because I was sitting in a jail awaiting judgment on a probation violation. I expected to spend 6 months behind bars on that occasion, but because of my decisions and a shoddy justice system in this country, I was release 20 days before my 31st birthday. I’ll pick up where I began on my 28th birthday, March 8th, 2009.


Chapter 1

I don’t think there were really signs growing up that I would become a drug addicted criminal. At least not until I started using drugs at the age of 13. I was always a bit of a trouble maker and class clown- nothing serious, but I remember quite a few times my teachers in elementary school would call home to discuss my behavior with my mom and dad. I was always a thrill junkie, enjoying anything that is forbidden or dangerous. Maybe thats one reason I so easily gave into peer pressure when I was first introduced to marijuana.

I suppose I’ve always been a little bit eccentric, both in my thoughts and my behavior. I can’t say that I’ve ever really felt I fit in. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, I’ve just always felt so analytical about life, people, and situations(not to mention myself) that it has been hard to feel like an active participant instead of an objective observer. I remember explaining to my mom at about 10 years old, as feeling like an alien trapped in a human’s body.

I honestly can’t say where this prevailing attitude came from, but I realize that it has played a huge role in the development of my personality. I should also mention that personality, and its components have been a perplexing interest of mine, an obsession even, for my entire life. I’ve spent an awful lot of time considering the development of personality, ego, and how consciousness interfaces with the physical body(know in psychology as the mind-body problem). One of my first realizations regarding these issues is that no one person ‘owns’ their personality. No one is really all that unique. We are more like a construct made of the countless influences inflicted upon us by our experience. We are all biological entities that are essentially programmed by the culture, social class, neighborhood, friends, and family we are surrounded by.

But I digress. I know my first experience with pot was as much out of peer pressure as out of sheer curiosity, but the more I used, the more I questioned the conventions of society. I’m sure much of that was also caused by my entrance into puberty and adolescence(I was 13). This questioning of conventions was one of the factors that made drugs appealing to me. It might be refereed to as ‘thinking outside the box.’ Not to mention that having been drunk a few times already, I felt like pot was less inebriating, and thus, I reasoned, more benign(safer/better) than alcohol. 

When I was about six years old, we moved from Lakewood to Jester Estates. It was a short move actually less than two miles away. Lakewood is a small neighborhood in Northwest Austin and Jester is adjacent and up on a hill. Jester was a nice and growing neighborhood, quickly expanding and enveloping the surrounding forests.

Being the adventurous kid that I was, I loved living in Jester. I’d spend hours roaming the hillsides, building forts, and enjoying nature. On the off chance that I got bored exploring the forests. I ventured into construction sites of houses being rapidly built, always another source of amusement.

I had a love for a sense of adventure and I was a fiend for danger. I see now that my first addiction was to adrenaline. I liked doing anything that could get me hurt or in trouble. It was always best when I would just barely escape unscathed.

By the end of seventh grade, I was smoking pot several times a week and had taken LSD several times. I don’t think I was truly an addict yet, but that would surely change during the summer between seventh and eight grade.

Austin’s weather in the summer is usually dry and hot. Not particularly the most comfortable weather for enjoying the outdoors. The kids I hung around with in Jester were, for the most part, trouble makers. Actually, for some reason, although it was a relatively nice and affluent neighborhood, it seemed to produce a high percentage of trouble makers. Maybe it was something in the water.

One of my closest friends, Brooke, lived about half a mile away. Brooke had an older brother named Reece, who was my sister’s age. I think it seemed cool to hang around older kids, but, I also felt more similar to Reece than I did to Brooke. Brooke was a little wild for my taste and had a habit of getting into more serious trouble and often fights. Nonetheless, I spent a lot of time over at Brooke and Reece’s house. Both of their parents worked long hours so I was a safe, unsupervised place to hang out and smoke pot.

Sometime during that year my dad and a college were offered a book deal to write a text book. He was given an advance which he used to purchase a color printer and a color scanner. In 1994, there were still fairly expensive and uncommon items to be found in a home office.

I liked playing around with his new gear and quickly was showing my dad how to use it. As a test of its quality, I tried scanning and printing a dollar bill and ended up printing the back side upside down. Nonetheless, it was pretty cool and gave my 13 year old mind some ideas.

A few days later, Brooke was over at my house and I dug that experiment out of the trash to show him. He was impressed and thought it would be funny to play a prank on his brother. I agreed. We decided to print up a five and get both sides upright. This time it came out. I threw it in my pocket and we jumped on our bikes and headed down the street.

Our prank worked. Not only did we fool Reece and his friends, we impressed them, Jay, one of Reece’s good friends and another kid from the neighborhood had a proposition for me. Could I print off a supply of twenties and trade them for some pot? This wasn’t really anything to thing about. In fact, how could I refuse?

Two days later, I had a few hundred dollars in fake bills and we were rewarded with a free half ounce of pot. For a 13 year old, this was encouraging and motivation. Every day I saw Reece or his friends they were requesting more fake bills. Over the next month and a half, I worked my way up to printing 100 at a time. I didn’t know where all those bills were going and I didn’t care. For the first time in my life, I felt important…in demand.

And so things continue. Over the next month and a half, I printed bills once or twice a week whenever more were needed. I really didn’t concern myself with getting caught because I was never the one spending em, but on July 4th, 1994, the inevitable happened.

Brooke and I had spent the night before tripping on acid. His parents were out of town for the holiday, so we had the house to ourselves. Sometime around noon, Brooke and I were sitting in the living room clearing the cobwebs from our minds when we heard a knock at the door. Brooke was extremely reluctant about answering it because our bodies were still exhausted from the night before. He got up and I followed him to the front of the house. Out through the glass stood a man in a suit, late 40’s to early 50′. Brooke stepped out on the front porch to talk to him and I sat down on the stairs to watch. I could hear him ask about Reece.

It was pretty much an open and shut case. I did it and they found me. But due to the lack of juvenile federal criminals, there don’t exist any federal juvenile detention centers. Therefore I would pretty much be let of the hook. I was asked a plethora of questions and given some interesting details. I learned that over $20,000 of my fake currency had passed and found its way into banks. I learned there were five different serial numbers used on the bills, equaling five different serial numbers used on the bills, equaling five different counts of counterfeiting. I learned that had I been an adult I would have faced 44 years of prison time.

The detectives wanted to know how I came up with the idea to print money. They wanted to know if I was selling it and what I was charging. I lied. I said that it was my idea initially, but that I was being pressured by the older kids to continue and receiving nothing in return. They wanted to know how much I was printing at a time and if I was cutting it myself or leaving it uncut on the page. Again I lied… I was leaving it uncut.

I never had to appear in court or before a judge. I assume it was decided I had learned my lesson and wouldn’t do it again. I was told I needed to stay out of trouble for two years and the case would be sealed. My dad would be able to retrieve his computer equipment at the end of the investigation. I got lucky. My family was relieved.

At the time I didn’t realize how lucky I really was. Things pretty much went back to normal for the rest of the summer. In August, I went with Brooke and his family to the Bahamas. That experience was like a turning point in my life. I believe that is why I truly became an addict.

Before going to the islands, my drug habit consumed me only a few days a week. I enjoyed getting high, but I could pretty much take it or leave it. 

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Jun 27 2012

U2 with or without you (remake)

I made this remake in February.  The vocals(an acapella) were sung by a girl named Drew who appeared on The Voice last fall(2011).  I was in jail at the time I heard it and while sitting in the day-room playing cards when it came on, I began crying.  Luckily I had mad respect so noone beat me up, but I knew I had to remix it just as soon as I was released.  It took a long time to beat map because she wavered in tempo throughout, so I literally had to chop it to bits and stretch/edit/delete tiny pieces/etc to get it to sync.

I hope you like it, and I hope Drew and U2 do as well!

      1. DrewU2

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Jun 07 2012


< *explicit lyrics*>
[ti_audio media=”201″]I wrote this poem on my 30th birthday and recently decided to decorate it with a bit of background music. Its a tribulte, and a reminder to me of all the amazing people who have entered my life when they were exactly what I needed. Thank you! 🙂

BTW- still having issues with audio routing hence the massive processing to eradicate the noize… i love wierd.

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May 15 2012


[ti_audio media=”242″]

Completely impulsive. I <3 u Stephanie!

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May 11 2012

Pictures of the river

I went for a bike ride this morning and took some photographs.

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