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Jul 04 2017

The Earth’s Consciousness in YOU and How Metals/Inorganic Matter Affect It

Siderism is a phenomenon similar to animal magnetism formerly supposed to result from the bringing of iron or other inorganic bodies into connection with the human body.  It’s an old Latin word, a language which they stopped teaching.  Every metal affects the human body.  Some are good, some are very harmful to our energy and our consciousness.

Gold is healing. Gold is the most non-reactive of all metals and is benign in all natural and industrial environments. Gold never reacts with oxygen (one of the most active elements), which means it will not rust or tarnish.  Gold is among the most electrically conductive of all metals. Since electricity is basically the flow of charged particles in a current, metals that are conductive allow this current to flow unimpeded. Gold is able to convey even a tiny electrical current in temperatures varying from -55° to +200° centigrade.

Gold and silver jewelry, steel items, brass coins and many other metal things have been known as healers since ancient times. However, most people do not treat metal as a method of treatment and consider it to be remnants of the past. Yet, metal therapy continues to help people. The most important aspect in this method is its simplicity, accessibility and the absence of side effects.

Metals of planets

In ancient times, there were only seven metals known, which corresponded to the number of planets that people knew. It was thought that metals were formed in Earth’s interior under the influence of celestial bodies. They attributed metals to each celestial body. Gold was attributed to the Sun, tin – to Jupiter, silver to the Moon, iron – to Mars, mercury – to Mercury, lead – to Saturn and copper – to Venus. Modern scientists count about 83 metals, but some of them possess intermediate properties and can hardly be regarded as metals.

Jewelry made of different metals that people wear on the body for beauty show a permanent effect on the energy field.  As a rule, a person does not pay attention to that. In ancient times it was known that metals and their alloys had not only the material value, but also healing and energetic properties. Metals were used to treat and prevent various diseases. Nowadays, the action of metals on the human body continues to be studied, and their beneficial properties find new applications in traditional and alternative medicine.

Applying metal plates to different parts of the body that correspond to active points to improve health and heal people is known as metallotherapy or siderism. They can be used in various ways. One can apply metal plates to the affected area for a short period of time either directly or through cloth. One can also wear plates all the time. When metal gets into contact with the skin, this connection produces barely perceptible electric current, which affects energy flows in the body. Doctors and scientists proved that with the application of gold, copper, lead or zinc on the affected area, the current flows from the metal piece to the skin. When silver or tin is used, the current flows in the opposite direction – that is, from the skin to the metal. Therefore, gold, copper and lead are recommended to treat the diseases related to impaired functions of organs. Silver and tin are recommended for diseases of excessive functions.


This highly reactive metal has unique healing properties. It is capable of attracting heat to the body, which is important when the body produces insufficient amount of energy. It is preferable to have old gold items of round shape. For example, family gold jewelry passed on from generation to generation have an ability to accumulate energy potential. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to part with them. In ancient times, gold was considered a powerful remedy to strengthen spirit and prolong life. A belief preserved from those times says that gold jewelry turn the evil eye away, strengthen the energy of the solar plexus. It is also believed that wearing a gold ring on a finger of the right hand extends life for a few years.

Modern scientists proved that this metal has a positive effect on the mood, invigorates and inspires confidence in the future. In addition, its sunny and bright glow shows a beneficial effect during seasonal depression. People who suffer from arrhythmia, can wear a gold medallion or a cross. Noteworthy, if gold jewelry gets dark or discolors over time, it means that there is a large percentage of metal-additives in this item. One should replace such an item without additives, since metals affect the body in different ways.

Gold has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, so it is used in the production of a new generation of cosmetics. The precious metal is also used for age correction surgeries.


Women love to decorate themselves with various trinkets of silver, but not everyone knows that this metal is excellent doctor. For example, decorations on the neck calm the nerves. And if you wear silver on the ring finger of right or left hand – it removes excessive energy in blood circulation and reduces blood pressure. A ring on the index finger of both right and left hand normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract. For heart invigoration, it is recommended to constantly wear a silver ring on the little finger of the left hand. Silver is also a great diagnostician. Silver things blacken, if a person has a problem in the endocrine system. And it may also happen that a silver item may become brighter than it was. This may indicate a serious kidney disorder, since sweat releases substances containing nitrogen, which comes into reaction with silver decorations and makes them shine. Medical drugs containing silver, unlike antibiotics, have a broader antibacterial spectrum. More importantly, they do not suppress the immune system.

People have long known that an alloy of gold and silver is a powerful health improver. Silver and gold-plated cutlery and crockery can disinfect food and water from harmful substances. Our ancestors knew that and used silver spoons to feed children. Coins of silver, when placed in water tanks, kill bacteria.


Unlike other atoms, iron can become magnetic. This happens because iron atoms have more of a tendency to line up all facing the same way than other atoms do.  All living things – both plants and animals – also contain iron. Plants use iron to help them pull energy from sunlight through their leaves, and animals (including people) use iron to move oxygen through their bodies and bring energy to their cells. Because iron has only two electrons in its outermost ring, those two lonely electrons join up easily with oxygen atoms.

When a red giant star has changed all of its helium into carbon and oxygen, it then begins to turn the carbon and oxygen atoms into iron atoms. Iron is the heaviest kind of atom that a star can make, so when a star has made most of its carbon and oxygen into iron, it becomes a supernova and explodes.  It shoots out carbon, oxygen, and iron atoms all over the Universe, and eventually gravity sucks these atoms into new planets like Earth. All of the iron on Earth was originally inside stars.

Many objects in space are magnetic. The Sun, for instance, is very magnetic, because there are places on the Sun where there are a lot of extra electrons or protons. The whole Earth is also highly magnetic, although Mars and Venus are much less so. The Earth’s magnetism pulls negatively charged things like electrons toward the North Pole and positively charged things like protons toward the South Pole. Liquid iron inside the Earth creates (and sometimes changes) the Earth’s magnetism.

It is not recommended to wear things made of iron all the time. It can also be harmful to stay in a room for a long time, if there are many things made of iron in that room. A long stay in such a room will quickly lead to fatigue. In addition, it is bad to sleep with your head to a heater (a radiator), it leads to the destruction of the human biofield. Afterwards, a person may suffer from tiredness, irritability and headaches.

Iron and steel, the most commonly used metals, corrode in many media including most outdoor atmospheres. Usually they are selected not for their corrosion resistance but for such properties as strength, ease of fabrication, and cost. These differences show up in the rate of metal lost due to rusting.


Applying copper coins to the body can cure many diseases. This method is the most simple-minded kind of reflexology. Applications of copper remove fever, bruised pain, possess strong antibacterial properties, stop bleeding, improve metabolism, calm the nervous system, enhance the effect of insulin and heal inflammation in the body.

Treatment with copper

Metallotherapy technique is valuable because it can be applied to people of all ages, children and pregnant women. Copper coins or plates can be used for the treatment. The therapeutic effect will significantly increase if you polish the plate and drill holes in it. Before applying them to your body, heat them up for 10-20 minutes in a pan for 10-20 minutes, then let them cool down and rub them with sandpaper “to release copper” so to speak. You can put a copper plate in a glass containing an aqueous solution of sodium chloride (1 table spoon for a glass) for 1 hour. When dried, apply the plates to the affected area. Hold for at least 15 minutes and repeat the procedure every day for two weeks.

Siderism can be supplemented with the use of decoctions or infusions of herbs that help in heal the disease.

Useful tips

Headache will subside in 15-20 minutes if a copper coin is placed on the forehead, temples or back of the head, depending on the location of pain.

When having problems with digestion, put 2-4 coins in the area of the esophagus.

Blood pressure will reduce if you wear a copper rim on the head.

A bruise will disappear faster if you put a copper coin on it.

It is good to wear a copper bracelet on the wrist. It protects against insomnia, neurosis, hypertension crises, facilitates joint and muscle pains.


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Apr 14 2017

Why I am passionate about community activism

NOTE: This post needs edited.  If you would like to be an editor, please send me a message or an email at  Thank you!


I’ve always believed that the value of family is fundamental.  That’s what love is.  Family.  A fundamental unity or connection.  That is the most important thing to me.  FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!  That’s why love is God.  I am struggling to write this letter explaining my passion and dedication to community activism because it literally means EVERYTHING to me.  It is my core purpose in life– seeking solutions for the challenges we face and implementing change to lessen the pain and challenge involved in growing up and becoming independent.  I’ve felt very ashamed, worthless, and alone throughout most of my life.  It began in my early childhood when my family would argue and I began feeling different.  I remember when I was about 11 or 12 years old telling my mom that I felt like an alien trapped in a humans body.  That was the only way I knew to express my sense of disconnection.  I realize now that it was a result of language and judgement.

Early on, I had trouble feeling like I could truly express myself using words.  A hug was more satisfying and I loved sitting next to my mom for hours and hanging out or talking or watching tv.  I felt most comfortable sleeping in her bed with her on nights while my fther was out of town working.  He is an accounting professor with university and while we lived in Austin, he took a position at the University of Illinois.  He commuted back and forth from Sunday through Thursday.  I missed him during that time because I loved working on projects with my dad.  I loved it when he’d teach me things and we’d play games together.  It was hard when he was away more than half the time.

I like to question things and learn how they work and I don’t mind taking risks– I feel they are critical for a person to actually live.  I am curious by nature and I believe curiosity and creativity go hand in hand.  I want to understand how things work and why.  I am a compassionate person and my empathy is all-consuming.  The work that I do often brings me to tears as I want to be successful and use my experience to prevent anyone else from having to go through what my family and I have.  It’s unnecessary suffering

My greatest desire is to feel united with all else.  Starting with my mom, I’ve felt a deeply profound sense of connection or entanglement with others.  A union which has become separated and yearns to become whole again.  A lot of it has to do with the words we say and judgements we make.  As an adolescent, I really began questioning what is consciousness.  How does it interface with physical reality, or the body, and is it consistent for everyone?  I became intrigued by things like quantum mechanics and relativity, philosophy, cognitive science and anthropology.  The list goes on and I felt like every topic had a set of clues to learn from and give a better understanding of myself and the universe– or God if you choose to call it that.  I love looking at the beauty in nature and the stars…

When I was 13, I started smoking pot and I was intrigued with its ability to change my consciousness.  I had lost interest in Christianity, and sought truth through nature and science,  Not long after that I tried LSD and I liked that it allowed me just to laugh at myself rather than being so critical all the time like I had learned from my teachers and my parents.  Authority figures always seemed so judgemental of the weird eccentric style I felt comfortable expressing myself with.  I love bright colors and weird music and I’ve always felt more connection to others by appreciating our differences.  I see beauty in flaws.  My uniqueness made me feel valuable.  While my family had always wanted me to be and act normal, I  always knew I was different and it seemed wrong to not acknowledge that.  Conflict seemed to grow and grow all based around judgements and beliefs and I always associated my struggle with being myself and the approval of my parents.  Much of it was based on my drug use– My mom and dad didn’t want me to use drugs because they’re illegal.  It seemed so silly and arbitrary to discriminate this one plant because it altered perception.  Teachers alter perception.  Plus, it didn’t make me feel lazy like some people said.  I felt different, but in a good way– more creative, fresh ideas and novelty.

I liked to goof around, and test things out, investigate the source of things and explore, and be creative… so at 13, I was trying to understand “who am I” when I was introduced to marijuana.

Here is a PLANT that is ILLEGAL but WHY?  I’m curious! 🙂 It made me feel different and allowed me to think outside of the beliefs, or limits, my parents had instilled in me.  That had value to me, meanwhile my dad told me money doesn’t grow on trees and I need to get a job.  I needed money to buy pot and so I did what Teddy Roosevelt said to do- “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -TDR
Before long, I was printing fake money and trading it for pot.  It seemed so simple and harmless; $20,000 later and the secret service came knocking.  They confiscated my father’s computer and I never again felt like I belonged to this society.  I withdrew more and more over the next several years; finding myself in increasing trouble and powerless, I sought other ways of life and became interested in studying the diverse cultures of the world.
I dislike conflict and I began feeling like I was in a battle with the world.  My perception of humans became very dualistic and it seemed to me(based on my relationship with my parents) that conflict was the fundamental aspect of every relationship.  I found it easier to isolate and before long, heroin became my source of relief.
By 19, I had found opiates and heroin.  I had lost all respect and concern for myself and was stealing to support my habit.  That increased my level of shame and guilt and this became a vicious cycle.  Before I was 20 years old, I had lost my sense of connection to the people I needed most and had increasing trouble with the law.  I didn’t care about anything because I didn’t care about myself.  I accepted that I would never be ‘normal’ and this allowed me to justify they things I was doing.  I was caught entering people’s homes in the night looking for small things to steal to support my habit.  I was terrified of withdrawal and avoided it at all costs.  I wanted comfort and could find that nowhere else than the pain killing effects of opiates.
I spent those 2.5 years in prison reading and studying algebra and calculus.  I found a job working for the college coordinator and began tutoring students preparing for the GED and teaching a small math class.  I felt appreciated for the first tome and that was amazing.  I knew I had a mission to accomplish by sharing my pain and challenges with the world.  My strongest desire is to help people and I felt like none of my experiences were for waste.  My own pain and struggle seemed the best experiences I could get.  If only change were as easy as I had hoped.
I struggled with heroin for about 10 years before I finally found the strength to quit.  I tried everything, rehab, AA, NA, counseling, anti-depressants– I just could find no relief and my life was a constant battle.  I learned to hate myself and through my process of growth that has occurred since I hit my bottom, I finally was able to begin accepting myself and my past choices.  I learned to forgive myself, and to love myself.  My parents had always said they loved me, yet I felt constant judgement and disappointment from them.  I believe love is unconditional and when I was finally able to forgive myself and accept myself, I knew it was my duty to use all of my pain and experience to help others struggling with those same issues.  I wanted to prevent anyone from having to feel so alone and worthless and empty.  I felt by writing a memoir, I could share my story.  I had been inspired and encouraged by reading memoirs of others who had gotten through addiction.  I had spent my life feeling hopeless so this came as a major relief.
I still had many years of pain and sometimes overwhelming challenges.  Those old feelings can sometimes resurface and drag me down but I have grown so much, I don’t give up when something is important to me.  I accepted that I was here to change how our culture deals with and drug use/abuse and crime.  My parents think I’m crazy and I wish I could feel like we are on the same team, but I sometimes wonder if that is possible.  I used to feel I was on a team by myself.  Finding other people with the same level of dedication to seeking solutions for the challenges we undergo.  I realized challenge as a path to growth and found value in it.  As I learned to love and accept myself, I felt that love and acceptance for everything.  I had truly found my purpose and joined an organization of people much like me who have found the greatest satisfaction in life is helping others and offering my experience so that hopefully no other child has to experience that level of pain and isolation.
I began writing a memoir and journaling.  This helped me make sense of much of my thoughts and experiences and as I began sharing my writings with others, I was surprised how many people identified with those same thoughts and feelings that has so severely crippled me.  My insights seemed to assist others in their process and I had my first sense of achievement.  I’ve met some of the most amazing snd inspiring people through this process and I’ve found so much hope.
I used to lie about so much because I was ashamed or felt hopeless.  I decided those lies were only hurting myself.  I had to find the strength to let go of my guilt and shame so that I can freely express my past without judgement.  I have no greater purpose in life and I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity.

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Nov 24 2016

My Public Comment for the DEA and how their laws against Nature affect me

clipboard02Today is Thanksgiving day, but rather than eat turkey and spend time with family, I sit alone I offer this memory   Here’s my thanks to the earth for her beauty, her Majesty, her abundance, her wisdom, And her love.

My life has changed dramatically because of Kratom. I’m no longer the same man that I was before its presence in my life. Kratom has given me the opportunity to start a business, develop an income and employ others, The amount of skills that I have gained through this process has been at times overwhelming. I’ve learned so much and gained so much value in myself, As well as a healthy identity for myself rather than the ;or offered by my culture prior to Kratom’s appearance in my life. I was generally very unhappy for most of my life up until I was 33. I started my quest for plant knowledge at the age of 13. Curious of life, I had become introduced to marijuana and found it and Enlightening. There was no reason that it was prohibited based on the actual facts, only on people’s opinions in my view.  Albeit only my opinion I found it difficult to trust anyone after the Secret Service paid me a visit as barely a teenager for counterfeiting money… over $20,000.  I was only 13 but would have gotten 44 years in Federal prison had I born just 4 years older…

I trust nature. I am nature. So when my mom began hounding me about not using marijuana it caused me feel worthless and my school performance declined. I became so unhappy, in fact my mom and dad believed I was depressed and took me to a psychiatrist to receive that diagnosis. I also received all kinds of drugs from that psychiatrist which impacted my developing brain.

I was 13, smoking pot, and since I didn’t have a job, the only form of income I had was to get creative. My dad fortunately had just bought a brand-new color printer and color scanner so he and a colleague  could write a text book. He is an accounting professor. He spends all of his time working.  That made me not really feel very comfortable or appreciative of capitalism, money, or this western indoctrination which would have jailed me for printing paper, Imprisoned me for smoking a plant, and has essentially’s turned my mother into my greatest enemy due to the ‘War on Drugs.’

Sometimes I feel like my mother perceives me as the devil and I had b=een shamed into believing that for so long. She does not trust anything I tell her she does not understand that I am not any of the characters from the book that she perceives to be her religion. She has not read the Bible yet she is confused and afraid of me her son. Because of some drug laws.

I first heard of Kratom just over 10 years ago and for some reason never Took the opportunity to try it. I struggled with Heroin for approximately 8 years on and off and would have tried anything to be relieved of that misery. After repeated failures at stabilizing my life utilizing structures and in support mechanisms in place, As well as the assistant of my parents which became a major deterrent to positive change. Almost like a Band-Aid, Or a rubber band that is he relieves tension yet then snaps back with a fierce sting Their love has helped me over my self loathing long enough to proudly call myself an entrepreneuer and a role-model to my community. It is my obligation to be a positive one and I thank Kratom for that determoination and the catalyst for my change. Thank you for reading this and here is someone else’s opinion I found online.

Why Jesus Was REALLY Killed: Challenging the Money Changers

Modern interpretation of Christ driving the money changers from the temple

Why Jesus Was Killed


Reverend Howard Bess notes:

Jesus did not go to the temple to cleanse. He came to the temple to announce the destruction of a whole way of life. Those who operated the temple had no power to silence Jesus and put him to death. Those powers were held by the Roman retainers.

The charges that were leveled against him can be summed up as insurrection. There were three specific charges: encouraging non-payment of taxes, threatening to destroy property (the temple), and claiming to be a king. It was the temple incident that took Jesus from being an irritating, but harmless country rebel from the rural north to a nuisance in a city that controlled the great tradition. Rome’s retainers killed him on a cross.

In other words, Jesus wasn’t sentenced to death until he challenged the money changers.

What Does it Mean to Do God’s Work?

The head of Goldman Sachs said he’s doing “God’s work” with his banking activities.

The head of Barclays also told his congregation that banking as practiced by his company was not antithetical to Christian principles.

Are they right? Is big banking as practiced by the giant banks in harmony with Christian principles?

Do Justice

The Boule Foundation

The Boule Foundation

Initially, the Bible does not counsel us to ignore the breaking of laws by the the powerful.

In fact, the Bible mentions justice over 200 times — more than just about any other topic. The Bible asks us to do justice and to stand up to ANYONE — including the rich or powerful — who do injustice or oppress the people.

Indeed, one of the first things God asks of us is to do justice:

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8)

While many churches and synagogues have become obsessed with other issues, many have arguably ignored this most important of God’s demands of us. As pointed out by a leading Christian ministry, which rescues underage girls trapped as sex slaves in third world countries:

In Scripture there is a constant call to seek justice. Jesus got upset at the Pharisees because they neglected the weightier matters of the law, which He defined as justice and the love of God . . . Isaiah 58 complains about the fact that while the people of God are praying and praying and praying, they are not doing anything about the injustice.

Should Christians just pray for justice and leave the rest to God?

That’s not what the Bible asks us to do. Instead, Hebrews 11:33 tells us that we are God’s hands for dispensing justice, and God uses us to “administer justice.”

We have to “walk our talk” and put our prayers into action.

God demands that we do everything in our power to act as “God’s hands” in bringing justice. And as Saint Augustine reminds us, “Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.”


The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, He was appalled that there was no one to intervene. (Isaiah 59:15-16)

This is the only place in the Bible where the word “appalled” is used for the way God feels — in other words, the only thing which we know God is appalled by is if people are not doing justice.moorishseal

There are hundreds of other references to justice in the Bible, including:

  • Blessed are they who maintain justice . . . . (Psalm 106:3)
  • This is what the LORD says: Maintain justice and do what is right . . . . (Isiah 56:1)
  • This is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. (Jeremiah 22:3,13-17)
  • Follow justice and justice alone. (Deuteronomy 16:19, 20)
  • For the LORD is righteous, he loves justice . . . . (Job 11:5,7)
  • Learn to do right! Seek justice . . . . (Isaiah 1:17)

So if the powerful players in the giant banks broke the laws, they must be held to account.

Fraud and Manipulation of Money

The big banks have engaged in systemic, continuous ongoing criminal fraud.

Allowing the banks to commit crime with impunity is not what Jesus would do. What would Jesus do? Turn over the tables of the money-changers. (economists agree.)

Moreover, the giant banks manipulate currency through the use of schemes such as manipulating interest rates (gaming interest rates in different regions – Libor, Eurobor, etc. – can in turn drive their currencies up or down), high frequency trading and artificially suppressing gold prices (which artificially inflates the value of fiat money) .

As Ron Paul notes, the Bible forbids altering the quality of money (which, at the time and place, was entirely in the form of coins):

Even the Bible is clear that altering the quality of money is an immoral act. We are instructed to follow the rules of “just weights and measures.” “You shall do no injustice in judgment, in measurement of length, weight, or volume. You shall have just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin” (Leviticus 19:35-36). “Diverse weights are an abomination to the LORD, and a false balance is not good” (Proverbs 20:23). The general principle can be summed as “You shall not steal.”

Proverbs 11:1 also provides:

Dishonest scales are an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is His delight.

So to the extent that the giant banks have engaged in any dishonest acts or the manipulation of currencies, they are violating scripture.

Oppression of the Poor

The Bible condemns oppression of the poor for the benefit of the affluent:

He that oppresses the poor to increase his riches, and he that gives to the rich, shall surely come to want. (Proverbs 22:16)

To the extent that the giant banks have oppressed the poor to increase their riches, they are violating scripture.

Due to their looting, inequality is now worse in American than in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, most Latin American banana republics … and ancient Rome.

Waging War

Bankers are often the driving force behind war. “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9), and Jesus would not have taken kindly to waging wars for profit based upon false pretenses.

Resurrection: Christ’s Ministry

Christ – and his ministry – lives to the extent that we act as God’s hands to confront the big banks which are warping our economy and our world.

Postscript: Not all bankers are bad people. For example, many bankers at smaller banks and credit unions are good people who are trying to help their communities. Each must be judged by his own acts.

The Boule Foundation

The Boule Foundation


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Nov 16 2016

(No title)

Pluto was a planet, then not a planet, then we can call it a ‘dwarf plant,’ then not a planet… now Trump.
Its all propaganda. If you are feeling overwhelming emotion, you are being controlled by the elite. These people own Hollywood… They can pull off some hefty productions.
Its also worth noting that the public perception of Donald Trump is controlled by the elite. They own the media and ultimately, the American mind. Anyone who believes in money is a slaveThey not only define our habits and opinions, but also set the boundaries of our values and beliefs.
Our parents generation was the most deceived generation in the recent historical period. Usurpers dump out loads of propaganda, incite passions, rewrite history, changing historical identities, calendars create wars, and arm rebel groups like ISIS who demolish ancient monuments. Like a serpent shedding the skin. .
It is the intention of the elite to divide us, so it should be the intention of the people to find common ground and unify. The elite are inflaming any negative, divisive emotions right now and doing everything to keep us from turning inward and being at peace. Themes from pop culture and global events will continue to incense the illusion of division. Its quite the perfect opportunity to act as a positive role model now by aligning our actions with our values, letting go of fear and its root, judgement. We’ve judged everything superficially, by its outward appearance and like the iceberg
Unfortunately, the problem is that this country no longer produces anything of value, no manufacturing, no exports, and very little in the way of invention or innovation because we were failed by an education system which apparently decided to fix the metric system. This country is full of loving, creative, very thoughtful, compassionate, all around helpful and inspiring people. We are all so perfect and of pure intent when we first incarnate, we don’t perceive our individuality. We identify with everything. Over time, that sensation we call pain has pointed out that a rift, or increasing sense of separation exists, both between us and within us. Thats the emptiness we seek to fill with shopping or drugs or other distraction. We have accepted that we’re a ‘service-based culture.’ AKA, lazy complainers who value money over Self. Identification with form causes us to sell our bodies for a few dollars an hour, only because we have disregarded the soul.

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Jun 07 2016

Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon

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May 17 2016

Knowledge is power

In case you are confused, the United States of America is a corporation that was created on February 21, 1871 with the Acts of the Forty-First Congress, Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62. A corporation just like McDonalds or Monsanto or Big Pharma, but more theatrical and with you ignorant and confused as a commodity. Most people are ignorant of the law and few choose to learn except for what they were fed by the education system instituted by the corporation. Real eyes realize. What do you think Henry Ford meant when he said all our history is fake???
As long as people continue to focus their minds on imagining doom and gloom because of what they think other people are, or are not, willing to do, they limit themselves from the only thing that keeps them from becoming part of the solution instead of part of the problem. In that regard, most people seem to sit in a ‘catch-22’; because they have already imagined the world is getting worse and they are not willing to believe that they can do anything to change that, they limit themselves from doing anything to change that vision. Thus, that limit keeps them from being successful.
“…governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”
— Excerpted from the Declaration of Independence of the original thirteen united states of America, July 4, 1776
How do you support the United States of Delusion? How about shifting your focus and energy onto building self-sustaining communities, alternative energy, healing, local food production, growing Moringa, implementing an alternative currency and alternative infrastructure while the Delusion Union fades away. It baffles my mind that people are still buying the dramedy they call US polytics and elections. Or, wait till Monsanto subverts the democracy after the banksters drain what little wealth remains. Or the private defense industry.

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Jun 06 2015

The United States of Lies and Brainwashing

93gregory19I’ve decided it is harmful to promote activities that utilize federal reserve notes as ‘value’ because it contributes to a system harming the planet and causing people to become fixated on a delusion similar to the game Monopoly. It is only paper. An apple is not “worth” any amount of ‘money’ based on God… only on human beliefs or delusions.
Real money is not printed by the Federal Reserve and people who use that paper fake money are delusional and perpetuating a lie. That paper is not actually worth anything. It is a lie. Did you think God made it or it was somehow here 300 years ago?
200 years ago it didn’t even exist and when you and I were 2 years old, we had no concept of ‘money’ only reality without lies embedded about what is ‘valuable’. The government has you fooled into believing there is value in this ‘dollar’.
Before ‘money’ existed, Santa was not necessary for Jesus in the Bible but why do “Christians’ think it is so great to lie to their kids about fake characters like the Easter bunny or Santa Claus? Are they in the bible or just added as helpful to deceive people and keep them gullible?
Was it necessary to pay bills or rent before ‘money? … or are those are constructs founded on $? Do you think the fines your court system implements are based on Gods teachings? Or a hoax based on someone’s agenda?
I am a Federal Reserve Note. I have ‘value’ based on brainwashing techniques.
Did you think the native Americans had to pay for things with Federal Reserve Notes? Is That a bank charging interest on the resources it is raping from nature? Who gave them nature?
Maybe George Bush or George HW Bush or Prescott Bush or some other burning bushes will help you like it did Moses.
Maybe it is George Bush or Prescott Bush or George HW Bush or another bush outside or Moses’ burning bush or even Obamacare. Maybe Iraq could help us not be terrorists. We could be bushes. Maybe Santa Claus. .. Maybe Saddam Hussein or Libya even… Maybe oil companies or pharmaceuticals…
Maybe federal reserve notes or the United States of Lies… or we could liberate Afghanistan. Maybe the interest rates or the ‘laws’ which some dude wrote based on an agenda.
Maybe a judge whose job it is to wear a robe and read bullshit statutes based on bullshit. And enforce those pieces of paper because of democracy. Maybe the founding fathers could dump out England’s tea. It may be a bush…
Maybe the native americans or the Salem witches or the US constitution or the bullshit history American children read from a book and accepted without question offer clues. Have you checked the printer it was printed on? Was fiat currency involved? Maybe nature could offer some clues. .. there is a bunch of bushes we can ask.

Maybe ask Jesus or your church or even Santa or another ‘authority figure’. Maybe democracy is fake as shit and you were fooled? Ask a president. How about Obamacare? Or the Bushes…
No need to win the election if you’re named George Bush. Your brother is governor of Florida!!! And your father used to be president AND head of the CIA. Hell, Prescott Bush was a fucking Nazi! Need proof? Here is one of MANY sources not owned by a corporation, the elite bankers, oil companies, or pharmaceutical companies. They are working for ‘profit’ and not anyone’s wellbeing.…/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar

Maybe Hitler would answer your questions… He was a Christian too so you might ask a Jew??? You may also gas a Jew and if you would rather liberate Afghanistan or even Iraq because of WMD, other lies or BS maybe that would help. Ooh, 9/11??? Must have been the 19 scapegoats the media fed you lies about. Maybe some bushes were involved? You think maybe? Maybe Obama? Santa? Or some other fantasy. History could be rewritten and the history books you were taught from may not be accurate. Were you there to confirm or did the book delude you? Maybe a ‘state’ university which didn’t exist except for a bunch of idiots who rebelled against an overzealous monarchy and started their own bullshit government and brainwashed a bunch of people into believing God put it there. It was a fabrication that some men created. It is a lie. Would their outdated opinion be up for review? Did the IRS get authority from nature? Or God? Why should THEY get to tax us and not the other way around? I laugh at fake bullshit statutes which some idiot with an agenda wrote up and an idiot in a black robe with a hammer to pound on his desk has God’s authority to make decisions based on bullshit. Nature and the indigenous people who were here before your ancestors pillaged and claimed ownership of this land think your laws don’t matter. Neither do I. I think the Federal Reserve is counterfeiting something and you have become deluded into believing those paper dollars will be accepted by anyone except brainwashed people who forgot that nature doesn’t charge interest.

Ask your son. Ask the Sun. Ask Jesus, ‘God’s’ son. Or have you nailed up the cross yet? Ask Santa Claus!

Fantasy world? Maybe if I were named Tree or Rock you would elect me? How about Bush? Could you resist? That bullshit sounded pretty real but that whole family is almost invisible what with it being so bushy. Maybe Iraq and the WMD or Afghanistan or any other country you were convinced was evil because of the Bushes lies. Have you been there to see for yourself or did you forget that the TV is not reality? Reality TV??? The Native Americans thought their reality was true. Maybe tv would make it more authentic with the special effects.

Did you know that Obama is related to the Bushes? When did the Bush family become king? Did their birth include more value than yours or mine? Are they able to lie? That family is like a magic family! Maybe Moses would burn the bushes. Ohh, maybe Jesus is related to the Bushes. Skull and Bones is receiving Obamacare!!!! Yale University must be grand! Do you think the skull or bones represent something symbolic? Maybe ask a Freemason!!! Or a Bush or other President!!! Do you know the Rockefeller’s? How about them? Maybe Hollywood and the props and elaborate storylines and special effects produced in movies is more or less real than the bullshit media which a corporation owns. Would some news corporation or government which has a domestic spying campaign and launches wars on everything including nature and ‘terrorists’ based on a Bush’s fantasy world. Fake news media may tell you something other than reality? Would it help you to celebrate thanksgiving and pretend that being gluttonous is like expressing your gratitude for the Earth providing you with things to eat. Did you thank the Native Americans or is being selfish and greedy, focused on the Federal Reserve Notes you were taught had value because of atomic bombs was actually inflationary? Wonder were the ‘money’ generated by inflation and interest rates comes from? Who authorized anyone to acquire it in the first place? Do we all agree to how much gets printed or some assholes who run a bank? Have you checked that out? Maybe the Salem witches will answer or the liberated people of Iraq or Afganistan? Should we launch another war based on something your news made up or do you automatically accept what the TV tell you?

Maybe its the media or some tv show called the News. Maybe your choices have been infiltrated and the CIA stole your reality in order to brainwash you. It could be MK ULTRA. Maybe your son was able to see through those stories and break free from the mental enslavement it has caused. Maybe you should doublecheck with something that is based in truth and not printed on a printing press. Does God have credit or a checking account? maybe God would hire me to do some thing and pay me in Monoloply money or Euros because the US dollar is not based on anything of actual value. Have you been confused because of an elaborate hoax? Or did God say its ok?

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Sep 12 2013

The Sounds of Silence

The sounds of silence sweep past my ear in the ether.  Beyond midnight, the red traffic light glimmers like a ruby off in the distance. I step into the autumn air and release a breath of warmth creating a billowing of rising moisture into the elements. Following the path of my younger self, I’m invigorated in my hazy forgetfulness. Why did I come? When will I leave?
I ponder these questions for eternity in an instant while watching an insect crawling down the path toward my foot. Separating light from dark is only a shimmering reflection of the sun off the moon in all its crescent glory staring down from above. Stepping through time lost within an instant. Why did I come? When will I leave?

Again, with the urgency of a suffocating river otter trapped beneath the girth of a clumsily chosen component for his domicile, lost within time, I stare at the sky- imagining the countless worlds orbiting stars near and far, my mind is ejected toward the heavens and bounces from point of luminosity to particle of matter, containing and within, all of creation.
I’ve come to divine purpose and meaning. It all begins to make sense. I grasp the unthinkable. As I reach for my pad to begin jotting my thoughts, a spark occurs to my imagination. I’ve forgotten again.

When consciousness ceases being personal, it just is. Floating in the empty void creating space, creating time, manifesting droplets of light which flow into matter creating awareness.
Time is an irrelevant measurement of the dimension beyond space, denoted by the rotation of the earth and revolution of this tiny planet around its star. Fractured into minute components, but not discrete packets of length, time cannot be broken down into indivisible bits. There can be no standard measurement of time. It’s measurement is relative, affected both by its velocity and mass- that is speed and gravity slows the passage of time.

Time cannot exist without an observer. Hence prior to the evolutionary progression which brought about matter and awareness, time flowed not in a linear fashion, but in a complex spatial arrangement both instantaneous and eternal. This implies time, like conscious awareness is pervasive and fundamental, arising from matter, but connected as an inseparable phenomenon. That is, matter and consciousness are one and the same. Time is a manifestation of the union of matter and spirit.  The universe itself is conscious, and although individually each of us is but a seemingly insignificant component of that cosmic consciousness, so too is the whole of the universe a component of ourselves.

The ontological arguments asks the question, what came before the universe? If it’s God, what came before God? There can be no end to this progression of inquiry because our rational minds perceive cause and then effect, so for every perceived entity, there should be an earlier creator. If we cease to think of time a sequential, and instead recognize it as a progression only of consciousness, we can begin to accept events as having dualistic nature’s- both instantaneous and eternal.

Our perception of the universe is an illusion, a kind of hologram produced in the cosmic consciousness and reflected back to us as our segment of mindful awareness. Understanding this, nothing was created because nothing truly exists; the universe is an anti-entropic genetic algorithm, not an object.

As humans, we have a tragic flaw about us– with the mind of a God and the body of an animal, we are compelled to act on mundane drives that sustain our lives and our species. We demonize these natural urges when they are the instincts that allow for our sacred awareness to be. As divine sparks, we seek to attain perfection, an ideal beyond our grasp due to the necessities of the body. By separating bias from self, clarifying vision, we awaken to the beauties, complexities, and curiosities of life.

The birth of language has fundamentally altered our perception of time. Instead of a wave we ride completely oblivious to its existence, we become able to think about the concept ‘time’ in a totally abstract way– as having a past, and a future. This in actual fact might be the illusion, but the filter in our minds, the doors of perception, closes off our rational, logical, linguistic, thinking awareness from all but the present.

One of my goals by practicing Buddhism, is liberation from compulsive thought- the endless sequence of language fluttering past the awareness, often uninvited. The idea that clairvoyance becomes possible for advanced meditators implies that language is the barrier or limiting factor preventing us from perceiving time holistically, rather than sequentially. We might have flashes of intuition, feelings of déjà vu, or experience synchronicity during moments of clarity.  Quieting the mind opens a connection to the collective consciousness and its pervasive archetypes.

Outside of our linguistic awareness, there is another awareness unconfined by time and space. When the universe came into being, along with it came the great mind.  As the universe expanded and cooled, life emerged.  The great mind shines through life.  Time and evolution tore at this collective intelligence, initiating a split and creating the unconscious.  Over eons, during the evolution of the conscious mind, some perceptions and experiences were regarded as forbidden in the context of culture and civilization.  As the number of repressed concepts increased, the unconscious grew and the conscious mind correspondingly shrank.  After the mind bifurcated, the linguistic awareness grew unilaterally, while we lost contact with the more primal, psychic awareness.  Because the collective mind is distributed into all life, this shift applied to all conscious beings.  It is out of the great mind we each gain our awareness.

As evolution progressed, humans worshiped the sun, the moon, and the earth as givers of life. Regular rituals involving visionary plants inhibited the formation of the ego, promoting instead collectivist, tribal partnership values and feminine/masculine equality. The cycles of the moon dictated the timing of these rituals, dissolving boundaries and identities, engaging eroticism, and healing irregularities that developed in personal self-imaging since the last session.  These practices kept group and species values of utmost importance in human culture, promoted a sense of unity, and kept dynamic balance in the ecosystem.  As these plants became scarce and the rituals occurred less frequently, the ego began to take hold.  The ego’s existence demands control, and slowly it became the dominant archetype of our world.

Millennia of neglect and repression caused the primal awareness to atrophy.  This has created imbalance and discord as humans battle the darkness within themselves.  By quieting the linguistic awareness, we transcend our animal nature and reawaken to truth.  Only in silence, because language, although critical to our social development, ironically is also our greatest perceptual weakness.

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Jul 12 2013

Love and Ego

Before there was time, there was only light, or vibrating energy.  It sat in a void and it didn’t shine because there was not yet any space.  It existed in an abyss and it was all.  Simple, unified, awareness.

At the first instant it began expanding.  It existed in complete harmony with itself. Perfectly still.  Pure.  And then it split.  It divided into material form and left-over vibrational energy, which continued to split into an infinite number of tiny sparks, each containing the full potential of the whole.  It spread outward and its motion began the flow of time.  It divided and coalesced and as it became more distant from its central point, it cooled.  It became lumpy as accumulations began to form and some of the energy converted to mass.  As it separated, empty space emerged between itself.  It’s journey had begun.  It’s intent was to experience, to become aware of itself.

Massive peaks flamed with heat separated by distant troughs filled with emptiness.  Specks of dust condensed and circumnavigated the massives flames.  Everywhere, there was movement.  As the expansion continued and the distances became more pronounced, changes occurred.  Energy converted to matter.  Simple matter fused, making heavier, more complex elements.  Atoms combined to make molecules.  Water emerged.  Although everything came from the same source, began as light or vibrational energy, nothing looked the same anymore.

Fusing, splitting, dividing, reforming.  Molecular structures formed proteins, cells, simple life.  Each simple life form contains a spark of the initial light or vibrating energy.  This was its creative essence.  Replication, reproduction, and slow discriminatory mutation pushed the life from the very simple, to the increasingly complex.  Anti-entropic.  Conflict emerged.  It was necessary for the systems to devise methods for continuous renewal from its own constant destruction. Like a game, evolution progressed allowing life systems to become increasingly advanced.  Awareness reemerged- became manifest through the matter.  This time, the awareness was different.  Instead of a unified glow,  it saw itself as separate and unique.  Evolutionary competition made this illusion more real and the timy sparks of awareness forgot they had ever been, and fundamentally still are, a single entity.

Time flowed.  Believing that they were separate and alone, these sparks wandered in a strange land dominated by illusion.  Death seemed real.  Love seemed transitory.  They sought comfort wherever it could be found- in power, money, food, drugs, possessions  or ideas, and became attached to these things.  Sparks became critical and judgmental of each other.  They resisted the flow of time.  This flow of ‘evil going out’ was instituted by fear, and consisted of anger, resentment, hostility, selfishness, and greed.  At times, the Evil Going Out overshadows the Light Or Vibrating Energy at these beings core.

Non-judgement.  Non-attachement.  Non-resistance.

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May 11 2013

Sacred Reflection

Humans share their true perception of themselves through the judgements they make upon others. Its not how a person describes them self that signifies their truth, but how they interpret the people and experiences around them. For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth, that is what will defile you.

When you judge me, I get to see who you truly are. We are like mirrors. ♥

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Apr 08 2013

<3 I love you! <3


When we let go of our obsession with self-interest and fear, and release our ego’s compulsion to compare and compete, the world begins to look a bit brighter and everything starts to make sense.  Everything is interdependent.  Love is the human perception of unity.  Everything is connected– is in fact a single UNIverse.  One word.  One ‘God’ if you will.  Beyond words ability to convey, you and me are the unity we can feel but never see.

When I say I love you, I am reminding myself of this fundamental truth.  I love you more than words can say.


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Mar 28 2013

Ancient Wisdom

There is a lot of evidence that points the existence of an advanced civilization that existed over 6000 or 7000 years ago, and almost completely vanished. Seems like most cultures on Earth have as part of their mythology a huge flood which nearly destroyed all human life on this planet. We know the story as Noah’s Ark from the Bible, but similar stories exist from ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia, Aztecs and Mayans of Central America, tribes from Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile of South America, Inuits of Alaska, Iroquois, Hopi, Dakota, Algonquin and other tribes of North America, peoples of China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Tibet, Vedic India, and ancient Egypt… The list goes on and on. Many mythologies describe earthly cataclysms as happening in cycles as the earth becomes overly populated. Destroyed is not only the people and their culture but also their banks of knowledge.

When you consider that the last Ice Age began about 60,000 years ago, reached its peak around 17,000 years ago, and thawed out over the next 7000 years, that brings us to around 8000 BC. That’s before what we consider recorded history and would have produced a massive flooding all over the earth as sea levels rose and the planet would have been inundated with all kinds of catastrophes like climate change, earthquakes, etc.  Science generally accepts the modern humans of existed between 30,000 to 100,000 years, let’s say 50,000.  Humans would have written out all of these of insane events.  We often stereotype the socio-religious, scientific, and intellectual development of human beings who lived through these times as having been primitive cave dwellers, but truth is, we know almost nothing about them other than than they were people exactly like us both psychologically and physiologically.

What’s even more insane though, is if we consider the cycles the earth goes through which may be the cause of Ice Ages.  The Sun’s gravity extends more than 15,000,000,000,000 miles into space, almost halfway to our next nearest star, so it’s effect on the earth is huge.  The Earth is also affected by the gravity of other planets and the moon, and these effects are cumulative when the planets are aligned. We can’t even predict how all these effects interact, but as an example of gravitational interactions- earthquakes occur more frequently when there is a full moon (earth between Sun and Moon), a new moon (moon between Sun and Earth), when the moon crosses the Meridian of the affected location, and when the moon is closest to the earth on its orbit. When it’s closest to the earth, the gravity increases by about 6% affecting not only the tides, but also reservoirs of liquid magma below the Earth’s crust. One thing we know is that on December 21, 2012, the date the Mayans predicted as the end of our current earth cycle (the end of the Mayan calendar), there is a peculiar alignment of the planets which can only occur once in 45,200 years.  Not only that, but that date also coincides with an alignment of the Earth, Sun, and galactic center, which is even more rare.

We know that the Mayans were obsessed with time. The little bit of ancestral knowledge that survived the Spanish conquests shows their advanced understanding of a celestial movements especially over long periods of time. That’s why their calendars are so accurate, more so than our own which was invented in the 1600s. We know the Earth rotates around its axis every 24 hours and revolves around the sun every 365 days, actually 365.2422 days. It has an equatorial circumference of 24,902.45 miles, so person standing still at the equator is actually in motion revolving just over 1000 mph with the planet. Likewise, the earth travels in elliptical orbit around the sun at about 66,000 mph or 18.5 mi./s. It tilts on its axis about 23 1/2° to the vertical, causing the seasons, and slowly rocks back and forth about one and a half degrees on either side over periods of 41,000 years. The circular motion of revolution generates enormous centrifugal forces causing the earth to bulge out at the equator and flattening a tad at the poles; its radius at the equator is about 14 miles longer than its polar radius. The effects of this cause the earth to wobble slowly opposite to the direction of the Earth’s spin. As an analogy, think of a top; uninterrupted it stands fully upright, but if its axis is deflected from its vertical, it begins a slow reverse wobble. The earth completes the cycle once every 25,776 years.

Finally, there are four crucial astronomical points in the year marking the beginning of the four seasons- the winter and summer solstices, and the spring and fall equinoxes. In the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, and this is opposite in the southern hemisphere. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and equinoxes are the two points one night and day are equal length all over the planet. The central line of the Earth’s orbit, projected outward into space, is called the ecliptic. Ringed around that are the constellations of the zodiac. These are coincidentally spaced evenly enough that each takes up 30° of the sky, all 12 equaling the 360° of the full circle.
Every day as the planet spins, the sun appears to move across the sky from East to West. Roughly every 30 days, as the spinning Earth orbits the Sun, the sun appears to pass through one of the zodiacal constellations. That’s how we’re assigned astrological signs based on our birthday. Seen as the most significant is the constellation which the sun is observed to rise in on the morning of the spring equinox. Because of the Earth’s axial procession, the ancients discovered that this constellations is not permanent, but that it circulates very slowly among all the constellations of the zodiac. Each constellation holds the position for almost 2200 years, so to complete the cycle takes 25,776 years mentioned earlier. We currently live at the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

All this astrological knowledge is considered to have been discovered by the ancient Greeks, but upon studying ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Egyptians, Incas, and Pagans in England with Stonehenge, all of them using very sensitive calendrical instruments fashioned out of stone (at least that’s all the survived the ages). It’s curious to think the Greeks might have only been a rediscover of this knowledge. Recorded history only goes back about 5000 years. We have no idea how the Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, or Pagans built their huge pyramids or stone structures- often utilizing stones weighing well over 100 tons, moved hundreds or thousands of miles, and then stacked and placed in very specific and orderly arrangements, often hundreds of feet vertically, as to operate like giant clocks and calendars. The evidence points to a coded scientific language many thousands of years older than the oldest “historical” human civilization and possibly, to an ancient lost civilization.

One thing I find extremely saddening is the reason why the Spanish conquistadors had such an easy time conquering the Aztecs of Mexico, who were descendents of the Mayans, who were descendents of the Olmecs, as well as the Incas of Peru, among many other smaller cultures in the ‘new world,’ is because their myths and prophecy spoke of a pale skinned, bearded God or possibly deified human of exemplary character, who had civilized their culture thousands of years before and would return one day from across the eastern sea. They welcomed the Spaniards into their cities and were slaughtered as a result. Because of ignorance, bigotry, and greed, the Spanish essentially erased these precious cultures and deprived the future of detailed knowledge concerning the remarkable civilizations which once flourished in the New World. The possibility exists that the pale skinned bearded people may represent that lost ancient civilization. The idea of a pale skinned, bearded deity or superhuman, is spoken of in myths literally the world over, who appears immediately after the world suffers a horrible catastrophe and brings comfort and civilization to the demoralized survivors.

Osiris, the white bearded Egyptian manifestation of this universal archetype, has as part of his myth the numbers 360, 72, 30, and 12, numbers that point directly to the knowledge of ancient precession- 72 being the most significant. Twelve is the number of constellations in the zodiac, 30 being the number of degrees along the ecliptic for each zodiac constellation, 72 being the number of years required to complete one degree of processional shift along the ecliptic, and 360° is the total number of degrees in the ecliptic 72×30 = 2160 years which is the number of years to pass through any one of the zodiac constellations, and 2160×12 or 360×72 = 25,920 years, or approximately the number of years it takes for the earth to complete the entire circle of the zodiac.

These numbers exist in so many myths, Nordic, Chinese, Babylonian, Mayan, Hindu, Hebrew, Lebanese, Rosicrucian, etc. Could there be a reason,or a similar source? These numbers aren’t random, so whoever inserted them within these myths, myths being the predominant method for transmitting important information through the eons, was extremely intelligent and advanced to discover these cycles. They must have been a highly civilized people, who we definitely should consider scientists.

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Mar 27 2013

As butterflies pass by my eyes…


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Mar 25 2013

Amelioration from my Constellation


Amelioration from my Constellation

She flutters down like sparks of light,
the Earth awaiting her delight.
Drizzle, snow, and thunderstorms
Splashing down as dew drops form.

Thank you nature, for you love,
For washing us from up above.
We welcome your precipitation,
blessing us with transformation.

<3 6r3g

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Mar 19 2013

ॐ Aries Awakening: Lightworker Activation ॐ



Greetings Tribe!

On April 10th, take time to experience essence with the New Moon in Aries.  The Aries Moon awakens the wildcat fighter in each of us.  Think of Aries as spark, originality, passion, will, acting on intent, the rush of Spring life force.

This moon sets the cycle to pre-create a focused reality of community, love, and healing.  We’ll begin with a guided meditation to bring our gatherers into their core and down into the root chakra. Together, we give thanks for all that we have become through the lessons both good and bad.

Focus sustains us and helps us nourish our seeds of intention during the months ahead.
What sustains us is love, forgiveness, and community.

In nature if something is released it was no longer needed.
Following this ideology we focus on forgiveness of self and others.

Lighting a Fire

Aries has a natural optimism that comes from the sheer joy of being alive.  The secret gift is how this cardinal fire sign rises to meet any challenge with courage.  We all express personal will in a different way, but Aries puts muscle into it, so we’re able to walk the walk — act on instincts.  As actors, we have more of a hand in shaping our world — as reactors, we can be easily overwhelmed by external forces and influences.

This New Moon is one to prepare yourself spiritually to meet the intensity of the moment.  In this Aries New Moon, we’ll call on allies from the angelic and telluric (Earth) realms, for guidance and protection.

The ceremony will incorporate sound healing with gongs and bowls, essential oils, and other sacred elements.   We encourage you to bring anything that is sacred to you, totems, crystals, art, as well as a journal to record your goals and insights!

After the ceremony we will partake in a community potluck dinner and share our hopes, goals, dreams, and challenges, along with blessings.

The New Moon is a time to start fresh.

These workshops offer a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for spiritual exploration and reflection.  All paths are welcome.  No prerequisites of any kind are needed!  We’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions for future events.  Please post a comment on this page or send an email to

I hope you’re all having an amazing month and look forward to seeing you!

Blessings & Love,



123Event Location:

The Reiki Center
1540 West Fifth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212

Wednesday April 10, 2013

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Visit the event on the Evolver Columbus site.

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Mar 09 2013

Finite Personalities

fpSigmund Freud said that the mind is like an iceberg with a small tip rising above the surface, and a massive core down below. Most of us cling to that tiny island, obsessed with our thinking, and lose touch with our subconscious mind, the place of dreams, fantasy, intuition, and unity.

There are a finite amount of personality types embedded within the spark of conscious awareness given to the individual from the source. I’ll define ‘the source’ as the collective consciousness or collective intelligence manifesting itself as the universe. The universe is a cohesive unit with a progressive, evolutionary nature. Like a genetic algorithm, the universe began as a simple spark,which has been modifying, manipulating itself, and expanding since the event we called the Big Bang. This initial algorithm has blossomed into the complex reality in which we now live. Everything has intelligence whether awareness exists or not. A tree contains intelligence in it’s DNA which defines how it grows. Animals have intelligence whether they recognize it or not. Each individual entity retains a thread linking it back to the source, thus unifying all of creation. Even the sun and the planets express intelligence through their progression of existence and ultimate demise. All mass contains energy contains intelligence.

Intelligence is pervasive about the universe- non-localized because like energy, it is interchangeable with mass. As the source manifest within this reality, intelligence fuels its progressive evolution attaining awareness through life. Each of us contain a portion of source, perceiving ourselves and each other as independent… but we are one.  It could be said that God is observing us through ourselves. Humans seek comfort of the divine through many things, power, money, religion… but these are all empty promises because God exists in ourselves. As a society, and as a culture, we have forgotten our own divinity. We’ve lost our purpose and become robots, identifying only as the bodily form our awareness inhabits. Much conflict exist because of our apparent differences, irrelevant disagreements about truth, and delusion. That delusion is the source of evil.

The world suffered a significant loss with the rise of Abrahamic religions because most other sacred texts were lost or destroyed. We found some of them- the Gnostic Gospels, the Dead Sea Scrolls, hieroglyphs in Egypt and the America’s, etc. These jive with ancient Eastern texts describing methods for communing with our true nature- our unified divinity. They point out that the nature of awareness is clouded by delusion. The question I can answer is why would intelligence turn against itself why does it seem like intelligence is conspiring to destroy itself? Delusion? That seems to be the case at least on this tiny portion of existence. Intelligence or consciousness is conserved and can neither be created nor destroyed. It just is. It manifests, experiences the progression of time, and when it’s biological host dies, it is redistributed in the cycle of existence. If we could condense the lifetime of the universe into a perceivable amount, it to acts as a cycle, pumping out, in, out, in, creating the illusion of time.

No wonder love exists. It is the remnant of our unified nature, instinctually drawing us together and motivating us to help each other. Our conscious awareness has identified as being mundane, transitory, and characteristic of the material world. It glows like a background radiation permeating the universe.

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Jan 31 2013


I’ve always questioned authority and the conventions of society to the extent that upon extreme analysis and criticism, many aspects seem pointless and arbitrary.  I certainly recognize the importance of having and following rules and I understand the significance of conformity, but my general viewpoint on these things is very objective in that regard.  Rather than feeling a part of the system of conventions, I feel more like an outside observer, further promoting my perception of analysis.

I don’t recognize this tendencies a bad thing in general, although it has caused me some difficulty in understanding and adopting to.  Now that I’m moving past the stage of rebellion that it has caused, I see many benefits.  What I’m understanding further is the underlying cause of this tendency, as well as how I can utilize all the aspects of my personality as an asset rather than a liability.
I do believe that the better I am able to interact and communicate with others the more I will be able to understand and express myself.  That is something that is extremely important in my life at this point.  I know that it has often been my lack of good communication that has gotten me into trouble in the past and possibly contributed to my critique of authority, and aspects of society that so many people seem to take for granted.  In this regard I believe the more I communicate, the more I grow.
I spent the majority of my life considering who I am, the nature of my self identity.  When I was young, until about age 13, I understood my identity in terms of my mom and dad.  Both of my parents are educators, my mother at the elementary level, and my dad at the collegiate level, so I highly identified with education.  Until the age of 13, I had adopted many of the values of my parents, things like using reason and compassion, being tolerant, considerate of others, and acting with integrity and self-discipline.
Throughout my adolescence, my identity was shaped and reshaped by the friends I hung around with, and more fundamentally by the culture at large.  As I rebelled against authority, I developed a sense of ego, believing I needed to gain acceptance by being and doing things that attracted attention.  This led me down a path of insolence and misbehavior, causing me to get into trouble and seek deep within myself for answers…


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Jan 25 2013

March 8, 1981 – The Secret Language of Birthdays

This is from the amazing Secret Language series by Gary Goldschneider.  The Secret Language is based on a 40-year empirical study of common personality traits of people born on the same day.  Check yours here:

Greg DietrichMy Secret Language name is Studied Nonconformity

Greg Dietrich’s personality traits…

Greg Dietrich was born…

March 8, 1981


The Day of Nonconformity

March Eighth


traits of this day…




The power is there—we only have to plug into it



Those born on March 8 may be accident-prone, particularly men born on this day, and should therefore take precautions if possible when traveling and indulging in rough sports. Because March 8 people are sensitive and open to many forms of experience, they not infrequently get themselves in both physical and psychological trouble. Eating a balanced diet as well as indulging in moderate exercise helps to ground them. Drugs of all types, including alcohol, “mind-expanders” and amphetamines should be avoided. Most March 8 people are capable of pushing themselves through intense experiences or work while avoiding sleep, perhaps aided by caffeine or other stimulants. Their mental stability, however, demands sufficient sleep on a well-regulated basis. March 8 people can get highly unstable psychologically and even out of control if matters of diet, sleep, physical exercise and other general health considerations are overlooked for too long.

personality of this day…

Those often misunderstood individuals born on March 8 must do things their own way. Whether in their outlook, lifestyle, manner of expression or personal appearance, they are at heart nonconformists who often find themselves at odds with the status quo. Although they may be lovers of tradition, and perhaps express reverence for cultures past, March 8 people need to break away, sometimes violently, sometimes sorrowfully, from their backgrounds in order to become individuals in their own right.

Because of their critical, emotionally difficult natures, making this break themselves is often not necessary, as they may well be rejected first. But however it comes to pass, by the time they are in their late teens or early twenties they have sufficiently realized that their life is likely to be stormy and their path perhaps lonely.

March 8 people have a zest for life. Yet try as they may their lifestyle or ideas rarely find sympathy with the majority of people around them. This is in part due to their intensity, and also because their point of view is so often uncompromising, highly individualistic and perhaps challenging to societal values. Iconoclasts, those born on this day have a strong rebellious and aggressive side that does not necessarily win them friends, and an instability that may not earn trust. Yet they can be tremendously loyal friends. Those who are granted the highly personal distinction of being a March 8 person’s friend will find that an equally high degree of loyalty is demanded in return.

March 8 people are supreme roleplayers. Should they choose to do so, they can work quietly at the same job for many years, keeping a low profile. Equally well they can even function as pillars of society and upholders of the status quo. Behind the scenes, however, they will nonetheless work for change and progress, and though they may assume a highly conventional position, perhaps out of a desire for financial or political security, they usually find a way to express the extravagant side of their nature in their personal life.

Great magnetic attraction is often granted to those born on March 8. They are capable of exerting an almost hypnotic power over select individuals which is as much due to their mental strength as to their charm and intuition. As young people, their energy is often volatile and uncontrolled but as they mature they make an impact through a highly subtle, mesmerizing dynamism. Although they are not fully aware or capable of exercising these powers when young, psychic abilities often devolve on those born on this day, and may be discovered and better directed later in life. Tremendously appreciative of greatness in all fields, March 8 people are apt to express wonder and even worship when grace, power and beauty are displayed.



Maintain your balance. Beware of hurting others but don’t make yourself the victim either. Self-pity is poison to you. Soften your seriousness and lighten up if you can. Integrate yourself socially.

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Dec 27 2012

Transmigration of the Species

What is the continued purpose of human conflict? Competition is an imitation of nature and passed through our genes to compete for resources and survive. In the grand scheme, the universe is on an evolutionary pathway to create complexity. From the simplistic causeways of the primordial goo, through the separation of energy, manifestation of electrons, then protons and the emergence of Hydrogen, then Helium, swirling dust clouds of density becoming massive balls erupting with fire from within. Manifestation of heavier elements as expansion continues, each slightly more complex than the last, then planets with carbon and oxygen, organic molecules, protozoa, simple organisms becoming increasingly complex. Self-organizing and advancing at increasing speed, culture, commerce, and capitalism.

The sequence gesticulated from the quantum and evolving through billions of years in an instant to create life with emergent intelligence, awareness, and the expression of love. At the core, thats all there is is love. A desire to create and concern for what’s created.

Love is an expression of itself and viewed from a unified perspective, the purpose, the intent is to love itself. You, me, we are a sigle organism and love is the unifying characteristic. The simplicity is maddening. There is no purpose beyond love, no purpose beyond hope. Love is the part of us that remembers that we are one. Conflict becomes counterproductive because if by helping you, I help myself, then by hurting you, I hurt myself. Peace and kindness become hidden variables we’ve taken for granted which should be honored as connecting forces within a singular cortex.

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Dec 01 2012

Introspection for the next baktun


I love to laugh at myself and for me, it is necessary.  Part of my healing.  The most challenging opponent to meditation , creative production, and writing is allowing myself to step away from the drama and activity that we experience as our daily life.  Decisive action with integrity is essential to acheiving our goals.


Our purpose here is not as that of seekers.  We already have the answers. Our purpose is implementation and application.


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Nov 07 2012

me and rumi

I shine with the brightest of stars and act with love in the most challenging times. I rise above the self I thought I was. I am you and you are me. It’s beauty, this unity.

“I smile like a flower not only with my lips, but with my whole being.”

~ Rumi

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Nov 02 2012

Life’s Lessons

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Oct 25 2012

Short Truths of Love and Life

During life, remember:

Honesty is happiness.  Master it!  Lies, delusions and game playing injure one’s integrity and values.

Decisiveness with integrity is fundamental.

Always forgive, and make reparations for mistakes.  Whats slack and useless is restored with clear and swift correction.

On knowing myself: I love myself because life is beauty and wonder.
Open minds open doors.

On my failures: There is no way for me to say I’m sorry to all the people I’ve hurt in my life that could possibly be enough.  I love you more than words!
hugz 🙂

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Oct 23 2012


Fuck the petition this isnt a game, we don’t need permission don’t expect life to get better without shifting position. When you realize everything you ever though was right in fact turns out to be wrong, you realize its about time someone wrote this fucking song. Obama’s a sell out and Romney’s a queen, and together they show us we live in a dream

Occupy the sky cuz we can’t Occupy the state.Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t lose yourself to hate. They say you can’t do something, you show them that you can! As we awaken from our former self, we recognize the master plan

<3 6r3g

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Oct 15 2012

uh oh.. .. . .mercury retrograde

they say to err is human... wtf is an err?
just more evidence that humans are silly!


err... um.,. oopps.

errr,,,..,,,,. .. .. . . . . . .
k . 0 . p p = / \]]\er/[[/\ = q q . 0 . ok

=0 ura p-br@n3! 
idaho and uranus

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Oct 02 2012

Rise with love! <3

Just in case you have been under a rock the last year, there is a revolution happening, right in your back yard, right NOW!

For far too long you have sat at your computer screen, in front of your TV and on your cell phone watching, waiting and complaining for change. I say YOU because I speak to the 99% of you who have been captivated by Fear.

There are some however, with a Warrior’s heart. We are the Few. We chose to come here for the Many. But we can not do it alone. The time has come my beautiful Human, my Brother and Sister in Love, to Rise.  It is time for the Few to become the many so the Warrior may lay down her sword.

No longer can you stand by while our children go hungry and our Mothers grow weary and sick. No longer can you stand by while your brothers and sisters loose their homes, their jobs and their joy. No longer can you stand by while the dark forces would train our children to be another generation of robots via our public education system. No longer can you stand by while we are poisoned, made sick and sterile by our food source. No longer can you stand by while our Mother Earth is raped and murdered for greed and ignorance.

“But what can I do?” you say? “What power do I have?”
I say RISE! RISE child of light, Warrior of the Heart, get off of your knees and take your power back! This is the only way we are going to obtain that place and space where a Warrior may lay down her shield and Love. Not until the dark forces, which would enslave us, have been stripped of the power you think they took from you can we live in Peace and Freedom! Not until we RISE! TOGETHER!

Here’s a pretty darn good way to start with the stripping:

Stop and think, how do you support the banking system?
Do you pay a mortgage or other lie with your pieces of paper?
(You know, the ones rewarded to you for your slave labor that have NO value.)

Credit cards?

Do you have children in public school?

Do you support big business like Wal-Mart?

I know what this sounds like to you and I agree, it is drastic. I began a slow progression into this process a few years ago, but as time begins to collapse, there is no time to “prepare to prepare”. The Time is NOW.
I can hear some of you….“But I have to work. I have to send my child to school. I have to pay for shelter. I have to…yadda yadda yadda…”  LIES! They are all LIES you have been convinced of by those who would oppress Humanity to keep you sedated and on the wheel that feeds their greedy, grossly overstuffed bellies while yours goes hungry. They have made you lazy in your mind and numb in your heart.
“Do what you can with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Rosevelt.

Yes, this means you are going to have to grow your own food, educate your own child, and create your own power. Yes, this means things may be a little rough for a little while. YES, you ARE going to have to get off of your recliner and out of the air conditioning! But the most important ingredient here is to Trust one another. To Love one another. To work TOGETHER, AS ONE! No longer will you be able to hide away in your home and consider yourself separate from the masses, for you are the masses. The time has come for you to get up, go out and hug your neighbor. How are they struggling? What can you do to help? This is the only way we are going to get through these times alive. We have to do it Together. The entire ideal of having to FIGHT one another to be safe and provided for is fast being thrown out the window, join in and find Joy!

The method? The more we RAISE the vibration of our Self, the Higher Gia will vibrate  and the faster peace, Love and abundance for All beings will be a reality for the masses. The secret to raising your vibration? Above all things, Love. Above all else, Love. Love yourself. Love Life in all her forms. Love one another!

In times past this has indeed been a Warriors path, people have been afraid of Love for so long, and Fear makes sane people do crazy things. But the tides are shifting. It is time for us to lay down the swords, lay down the judgment and Fear and just Love.

This November is peaceful non compliance month. To take part all you need do is simply support your Brothers and Sisters who have already made a stand and cease any payment to the banking systems. There are many other ways you can support the peaceful call for change, how ever supporting the dead horse that would enslave you is like adding another link in the chains that would bind us all. Take back your Freedom, your health and your JOY! Let us Rise. Together. In Love.

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Sep 18 2012

Moonflower Ministries Presents:

New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony

November 13th

This moon sets the cycle to pre-create a focused reality of community, love, and healing.

Focus sustains us and helps us nourish our seeds of intention during the months ahead.
What sustains us is love, forgiveness, and community.

In nature if something is released it was no longer needed.
Following this ideology we focus on forgiveness of self and others.

The night will include ceremony with fire, medicine wheel, and the elements, followed by a potluck dinner.

Fire Ceremony:
Put the old used up “things” we hold onto into the fire.

Medicine wheel ceremony:
Guided meditation to bring our gatherers into their core and down into the root chakra. Give thanks for all that you have become through the lessons both good and bad.

Elements ceremony:
The ceremony will end with a five elements acknowledgement from the eastern medicine perspective and place objects in those directions as a sign of reverence.

The ceremony will incorporate sound healing with gongs and blows, essential oils, and tong ren healing.

After the ceremony we will partake in a community potluck dinner and dancing.

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Sep 17 2012


Concentrate on what I state
Integrate and initiate
Activate illuminate
they subjugate, erase your hate
collaborate, elaborate
intoxicate, hallucinate
regulate and validate
isolate and annialate
violate the laws of state.

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Sep 17 2012

Zombie protest?

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Sep 17 2012

Some graphics

In Playas, Tijuana. The wall.

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