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Sun and moon

My Sun in Pisces

When Gregory Paul Dietrich was born, the Sun was in the Sign Pisces, the Visionary or the Mystic. Gregory Paul Dietrich’s basic sanity and vitality depend upon his frequent and regular immersion in experiences that help him connect to himself as something vaster, more mysterious and far less definable than merely his ego, body or personality.  Gregory Paul Dietrich needs to explore states that involve his formlessness and boundarylessness. To dissolve the narrow definitions of the self into something larger.  In short, Gregory Paul Dietrich requires a steady diet of altered-state experiences to nourish the Mystic and the Visionary at the core of his character–his need and capacity to experience other worlds, inner, meditative or creative, as just as real and compelling as the outer world. These experiences should be consciously chosen, calming, and heighten Gregory Paul Dietrich’s awareness–not dull it with escapist or addictive behavior. Gregory Paul Dietrich’s nature is sensitive, compassionate, dreamy, and intuitive, full of mystical or psychic sensibilities. An atheistic, skeptical, totally linear and uncompromisingly pragmatic attitude and lifestyle would be poisonous to him.  For a relationship to blossom, committed love must deepen Gregory Paul Dietrich’s sense of the indescribable Mystery of life, not reduce it. In intimacy, Gregory Paul Dietrich’s tendency towards sappiness may present some problems, but they’re insurmountable only in two cases:  if Gregory Paul Dietrich has chosen to numb his sensitivity with addictions, or if he has chosen a rigid, judgmental and defensive realist as a mate. Gregory Paul Dietrich’s constant, if unspoken, search for Spirit at the core of everything may seem unworkably Quixotic at times, yet that same search can recognize and honor the soul of his mate and add immeasurably to the enchantment of the relationship.

Sun in 2nd House

At the time of Gregory Paul Dietrich’s first breath, the Sun was in the Second House, which suggests a deep quality of “drivenness” in Gregory Paul Dietrich’s character. Underlying that, he seems to be possessed of a sense of personal insecurity, as if he must go on “proving himself to himself forever. This is a delicate subject because, while Gregory Paul Dietrich does need to make sure he doesn’t become compulsive over trifles, we must also respect a few legitimate facts about him: he has quite a strong need for real, concrete accomplishment. He possesses a laudable hesitancy merely to “rest on his laurels.” And it’s not fair to interpret those parts of his character in a one-dimensionally negative way. One clear bottom line is that Gregory Paul Dietrich gets along most easily with other people who are willing to undertake mammoth creative efforts in their own lives, and who are thus disinclined to be overly “psychiatric” in their perspectives regarding his lack of some requisite “mellowness.” What a lazy person might perceive as neurotic insecurity on Gregory Paul Dietrich’s part, a more industrious soul might see as refreshing determination and an impressive commitment to growth and accomplishment

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