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Nov 16 2016

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Pluto was a planet, then not a planet, then we can call it a ‘dwarf plant,’ then not a planet… now Trump.
Its all propaganda. If you are feeling overwhelming emotion, you are being controlled by the elite. These people own Hollywood… They can pull off some hefty productions.
Its also worth noting that the public perception of Donald Trump is controlled by the elite. They own the media and ultimately, the American mind. Anyone who believes in money is a slaveThey not only define our habits and opinions, but also set the boundaries of our values and beliefs.
Our parents generation was the most deceived generation in the recent historical period. Usurpers dump out loads of propaganda, incite passions, rewrite history, changing historical identities, calendars create wars, and arm rebel groups like ISIS who demolish ancient monuments. Like a serpent shedding the skin. .
It is the intention of the elite to divide us, so it should be the intention of the people to find common ground and unify. The elite are inflaming any negative, divisive emotions right now and doing everything to keep us from turning inward and being at peace. Themes from pop culture and global events will continue to incense the illusion of division. Its quite the perfect opportunity to act as a positive role model now by aligning our actions with our values, letting go of fear and its root, judgement. We’ve judged everything superficially, by its outward appearance and like the iceberg
Unfortunately, the problem is that this country no longer produces anything of value, no manufacturing, no exports, and very little in the way of invention or innovation because we were failed by an education system which apparently decided to fix the metric system. This country is full of loving, creative, very thoughtful, compassionate, all around helpful and inspiring people. We are all so perfect and of pure intent when we first incarnate, we don’t perceive our individuality. We identify with everything. Over time, that sensation we call pain has pointed out that a rift, or increasing sense of separation exists, both between us and within us. Thats the emptiness we seek to fill with shopping or drugs or other distraction. We have accepted that we’re a ‘service-based culture.’ AKA, lazy complainers who value money over Self. Identification with form causes us to sell our bodies for a few dollars an hour, only because we have disregarded the soul.

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