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Mar 28 2013

Ancient Wisdom

There is a lot of evidence that points the existence of an advanced civilization that existed over 6000 or 7000 years ago, and almost completely vanished. Seems like most cultures on Earth have as part of their mythology a huge flood which nearly destroyed all human life on this planet. We know the story as Noah’s Ark from the Bible, but similar stories exist from ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia, Aztecs and Mayans of Central America, tribes from Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile of South America, Inuits of Alaska, Iroquois, Hopi, Dakota, Algonquin and other tribes of North America, peoples of China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Tibet, Vedic India, and ancient Egypt… The list goes on and on. Many mythologies describe earthly cataclysms as happening in cycles as the earth becomes overly populated. Destroyed is not only the people and their culture but also their banks of knowledge.

When you consider that the last Ice Age began about 60,000 years ago, reached its peak around 17,000 years ago, and thawed out over the next 7000 years, that brings us to around 8000 BC. That’s before what we consider recorded history and would have produced a massive flooding all over the earth as sea levels rose and the planet would have been inundated with all kinds of catastrophes like climate change, earthquakes, etc.  Science generally accepts the modern humans of existed between 30,000 to 100,000 years, let’s say 50,000.  Humans would have written out all of these of insane events.  We often stereotype the socio-religious, scientific, and intellectual development of human beings who lived through these times as having been primitive cave dwellers, but truth is, we know almost nothing about them other than than they were people exactly like us both psychologically and physiologically.

What’s even more insane though, is if we consider the cycles the earth goes through which may be the cause of Ice Ages.  The Sun’s gravity extends more than 15,000,000,000,000 miles into space, almost halfway to our next nearest star, so it’s effect on the earth is huge.  The Earth is also affected by the gravity of other planets and the moon, and these effects are cumulative when the planets are aligned. We can’t even predict how all these effects interact, but as an example of gravitational interactions- earthquakes occur more frequently when there is a full moon (earth between Sun and Moon), a new moon (moon between Sun and Earth), when the moon crosses the Meridian of the affected location, and when the moon is closest to the earth on its orbit. When it’s closest to the earth, the gravity increases by about 6% affecting not only the tides, but also reservoirs of liquid magma below the Earth’s crust. One thing we know is that on December 21, 2012, the date the Mayans predicted as the end of our current earth cycle (the end of the Mayan calendar), there is a peculiar alignment of the planets which can only occur once in 45,200 years.  Not only that, but that date also coincides with an alignment of the Earth, Sun, and galactic center, which is even more rare.

We know that the Mayans were obsessed with time. The little bit of ancestral knowledge that survived the Spanish conquests shows their advanced understanding of a celestial movements especially over long periods of time. That’s why their calendars are so accurate, more so than our own which was invented in the 1600s. We know the Earth rotates around its axis every 24 hours and revolves around the sun every 365 days, actually 365.2422 days. It has an equatorial circumference of 24,902.45 miles, so person standing still at the equator is actually in motion revolving just over 1000 mph with the planet. Likewise, the earth travels in elliptical orbit around the sun at about 66,000 mph or 18.5 mi./s. It tilts on its axis about 23 1/2° to the vertical, causing the seasons, and slowly rocks back and forth about one and a half degrees on either side over periods of 41,000 years. The circular motion of revolution generates enormous centrifugal forces causing the earth to bulge out at the equator and flattening a tad at the poles; its radius at the equator is about 14 miles longer than its polar radius. The effects of this cause the earth to wobble slowly opposite to the direction of the Earth’s spin. As an analogy, think of a top; uninterrupted it stands fully upright, but if its axis is deflected from its vertical, it begins a slow reverse wobble. The earth completes the cycle once every 25,776 years.

Finally, there are four crucial astronomical points in the year marking the beginning of the four seasons- the winter and summer solstices, and the spring and fall equinoxes. In the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, and this is opposite in the southern hemisphere. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and equinoxes are the two points one night and day are equal length all over the planet. The central line of the Earth’s orbit, projected outward into space, is called the ecliptic. Ringed around that are the constellations of the zodiac. These are coincidentally spaced evenly enough that each takes up 30° of the sky, all 12 equaling the 360° of the full circle.
Every day as the planet spins, the sun appears to move across the sky from East to West. Roughly every 30 days, as the spinning Earth orbits the Sun, the sun appears to pass through one of the zodiacal constellations. That’s how we’re assigned astrological signs based on our birthday. Seen as the most significant is the constellation which the sun is observed to rise in on the morning of the spring equinox. Because of the Earth’s axial procession, the ancients discovered that this constellations is not permanent, but that it circulates very slowly among all the constellations of the zodiac. Each constellation holds the position for almost 2200 years, so to complete the cycle takes 25,776 years mentioned earlier. We currently live at the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

All this astrological knowledge is considered to have been discovered by the ancient Greeks, but upon studying ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Egyptians, Incas, and Pagans in England with Stonehenge, all of them using very sensitive calendrical instruments fashioned out of stone (at least that’s all the survived the ages). It’s curious to think the Greeks might have only been a rediscover of this knowledge. Recorded history only goes back about 5000 years. We have no idea how the Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, or Pagans built their huge pyramids or stone structures- often utilizing stones weighing well over 100 tons, moved hundreds or thousands of miles, and then stacked and placed in very specific and orderly arrangements, often hundreds of feet vertically, as to operate like giant clocks and calendars. The evidence points to a coded scientific language many thousands of years older than the oldest “historical” human civilization and possibly, to an ancient lost civilization.

One thing I find extremely saddening is the reason why the Spanish conquistadors had such an easy time conquering the Aztecs of Mexico, who were descendents of the Mayans, who were descendents of the Olmecs, as well as the Incas of Peru, among many other smaller cultures in the ‘new world,’ is because their myths and prophecy spoke of a pale skinned, bearded God or possibly deified human of exemplary character, who had civilized their culture thousands of years before and would return one day from across the eastern sea. They welcomed the Spaniards into their cities and were slaughtered as a result. Because of ignorance, bigotry, and greed, the Spanish essentially erased these precious cultures and deprived the future of detailed knowledge concerning the remarkable civilizations which once flourished in the New World. The possibility exists that the pale skinned bearded people may represent that lost ancient civilization. The idea of a pale skinned, bearded deity or superhuman, is spoken of in myths literally the world over, who appears immediately after the world suffers a horrible catastrophe and brings comfort and civilization to the demoralized survivors.

Osiris, the white bearded Egyptian manifestation of this universal archetype, has as part of his myth the numbers 360, 72, 30, and 12, numbers that point directly to the knowledge of ancient precession- 72 being the most significant. Twelve is the number of constellations in the zodiac, 30 being the number of degrees along the ecliptic for each zodiac constellation, 72 being the number of years required to complete one degree of processional shift along the ecliptic, and 360° is the total number of degrees in the ecliptic 72×30 = 2160 years which is the number of years to pass through any one of the zodiac constellations, and 2160×12 or 360×72 = 25,920 years, or approximately the number of years it takes for the earth to complete the entire circle of the zodiac.

These numbers exist in so many myths, Nordic, Chinese, Babylonian, Mayan, Hindu, Hebrew, Lebanese, Rosicrucian, etc. Could there be a reason,or a similar source? These numbers aren’t random, so whoever inserted them within these myths, myths being the predominant method for transmitting important information through the eons, was extremely intelligent and advanced to discover these cycles. They must have been a highly civilized people, who we definitely should consider scientists.

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