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Mar 19 2013

ॐ Aries Awakening: Lightworker Activation ॐ



Greetings Tribe!

On April 10th, take time to experience essence with the New Moon in Aries.  The Aries Moon awakens the wildcat fighter in each of us.  Think of Aries as spark, originality, passion, will, acting on intent, the rush of Spring life force.

This moon sets the cycle to pre-create a focused reality of community, love, and healing.  We’ll begin with a guided meditation to bring our gatherers into their core and down into the root chakra. Together, we give thanks for all that we have become through the lessons both good and bad.

Focus sustains us and helps us nourish our seeds of intention during the months ahead.
What sustains us is love, forgiveness, and community.

In nature if something is released it was no longer needed.
Following this ideology we focus on forgiveness of self and others.

Lighting a Fire

Aries has a natural optimism that comes from the sheer joy of being alive.  The secret gift is how this cardinal fire sign rises to meet any challenge with courage.  We all express personal will in a different way, but Aries puts muscle into it, so we’re able to walk the walk — act on instincts.  As actors, we have more of a hand in shaping our world — as reactors, we can be easily overwhelmed by external forces and influences.

This New Moon is one to prepare yourself spiritually to meet the intensity of the moment.  In this Aries New Moon, we’ll call on allies from the angelic and telluric (Earth) realms, for guidance and protection.

The ceremony will incorporate sound healing with gongs and bowls, essential oils, and other sacred elements.   We encourage you to bring anything that is sacred to you, totems, crystals, art, as well as a journal to record your goals and insights!

After the ceremony we will partake in a community potluck dinner and share our hopes, goals, dreams, and challenges, along with blessings.

The New Moon is a time to start fresh.

These workshops offer a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for spiritual exploration and reflection.  All paths are welcome.  No prerequisites of any kind are needed!  We’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions for future events.  Please post a comment on this page or send an email to

I hope you’re all having an amazing month and look forward to seeing you!

Blessings & Love,



123Event Location:

The Reiki Center
1540 West Fifth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212

Wednesday April 10, 2013

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Visit the event on the Evolver Columbus site.

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