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Jan 25 2013

March 8, 1981 – The Secret Language of Birthdays

This is from the amazing Secret Language series by Gary Goldschneider.  The Secret Language is based on a 40-year empirical study of common personality traits of people born on the same day.  Check yours here: http://thesecretlanguage.com

Greg DietrichMy Secret Language name is Studied Nonconformity

Greg Dietrich’s personality traits…

Greg Dietrich was born…

March 8, 1981


The Day of Nonconformity

March Eighth


traits of this day…




The power is there—we only have to plug into it



Those born on March 8 may be accident-prone, particularly men born on this day, and should therefore take precautions if possible when traveling and indulging in rough sports. Because March 8 people are sensitive and open to many forms of experience, they not infrequently get themselves in both physical and psychological trouble. Eating a balanced diet as well as indulging in moderate exercise helps to ground them. Drugs of all types, including alcohol, “mind-expanders” and amphetamines should be avoided. Most March 8 people are capable of pushing themselves through intense experiences or work while avoiding sleep, perhaps aided by caffeine or other stimulants. Their mental stability, however, demands sufficient sleep on a well-regulated basis. March 8 people can get highly unstable psychologically and even out of control if matters of diet, sleep, physical exercise and other general health considerations are overlooked for too long.

personality of this day…

Those often misunderstood individuals born on March 8 must do things their own way. Whether in their outlook, lifestyle, manner of expression or personal appearance, they are at heart nonconformists who often find themselves at odds with the status quo. Although they may be lovers of tradition, and perhaps express reverence for cultures past, March 8 people need to break away, sometimes violently, sometimes sorrowfully, from their backgrounds in order to become individuals in their own right.

Because of their critical, emotionally difficult natures, making this break themselves is often not necessary, as they may well be rejected first. But however it comes to pass, by the time they are in their late teens or early twenties they have sufficiently realized that their life is likely to be stormy and their path perhaps lonely.

March 8 people have a zest for life. Yet try as they may their lifestyle or ideas rarely find sympathy with the majority of people around them. This is in part due to their intensity, and also because their point of view is so often uncompromising, highly individualistic and perhaps challenging to societal values. Iconoclasts, those born on this day have a strong rebellious and aggressive side that does not necessarily win them friends, and an instability that may not earn trust. Yet they can be tremendously loyal friends. Those who are granted the highly personal distinction of being a March 8 person’s friend will find that an equally high degree of loyalty is demanded in return.

March 8 people are supreme roleplayers. Should they choose to do so, they can work quietly at the same job for many years, keeping a low profile. Equally well they can even function as pillars of society and upholders of the status quo. Behind the scenes, however, they will nonetheless work for change and progress, and though they may assume a highly conventional position, perhaps out of a desire for financial or political security, they usually find a way to express the extravagant side of their nature in their personal life.

Great magnetic attraction is often granted to those born on March 8. They are capable of exerting an almost hypnotic power over select individuals which is as much due to their mental strength as to their charm and intuition. As young people, their energy is often volatile and uncontrolled but as they mature they make an impact through a highly subtle, mesmerizing dynamism. Although they are not fully aware or capable of exercising these powers when young, psychic abilities often devolve on those born on this day, and may be discovered and better directed later in life. Tremendously appreciative of greatness in all fields, March 8 people are apt to express wonder and even worship when grace, power and beauty are displayed.



Maintain your balance. Beware of hurting others but don’t make yourself the victim either. Self-pity is poison to you. Soften your seriousness and lighten up if you can. Integrate yourself socially.

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