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Dec 27 2012

Transmigration of the Species

What is the continued purpose of human conflict? Competition is an imitation of nature and passed through our genes to compete for resources and survive. In the grand scheme, the universe is on an evolutionary pathway to create complexity. From the simplistic causeways of the primordial goo, through the separation of energy, manifestation of electrons, then protons and the emergence of Hydrogen, then Helium, swirling dust clouds of density becoming massive balls erupting with fire from within. Manifestation of heavier elements as expansion continues, each slightly more complex than the last, then planets with carbon and oxygen, organic molecules, protozoa, simple organisms becoming increasingly complex. Self-organizing and advancing at increasing speed, culture, commerce, and capitalism.

The sequence gesticulated from the quantum and evolving through billions of years in an instant to create life with emergent intelligence, awareness, and the expression of love. At the core, thats all there is is love. A desire to create and concern for what’s created.

Love is an expression of itself and viewed from a unified perspective, the purpose, the intent is to love itself. You, me, we are a sigle organism and love is the unifying characteristic. The simplicity is maddening. There is no purpose beyond love, no purpose beyond hope. Love is the part of us that remembers that we are one. Conflict becomes counterproductive because if by helping you, I help myself, then by hurting you, I hurt myself. Peace and kindness become hidden variables we’ve taken for granted which should be honored as connecting forces within a singular cortex.

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