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Oct 02 2012

Rise with love! <3

Just in case you have been under a rock the last year, there is a revolution happening, right in your back yard, right NOW!

For far too long you have sat at your computer screen, in front of your TV and on your cell phone watching, waiting and complaining for change. I say YOU because I speak to the 99% of you who have been captivated by Fear.

There are some however, with a Warrior’s heart. We are the Few. We chose to come here for the Many. But we can not do it alone. The time has come my beautiful Human, my Brother and Sister in Love, to Rise.  It is time for the Few to become the many so the Warrior may lay down her sword.

No longer can you stand by while our children go hungry and our Mothers grow weary and sick. No longer can you stand by while your brothers and sisters loose their homes, their jobs and their joy. No longer can you stand by while the dark forces would train our children to be another generation of robots via our public education system. No longer can you stand by while we are poisoned, made sick and sterile by our food source. No longer can you stand by while our Mother Earth is raped and murdered for greed and ignorance.

“But what can I do?” you say? “What power do I have?”
I say RISE! RISE child of light, Warrior of the Heart, get off of your knees and take your power back! This is the only way we are going to obtain that place and space where a Warrior may lay down her shield and Love. Not until the dark forces, which would enslave us, have been stripped of the power you think they took from you can we live in Peace and Freedom! Not until we RISE! TOGETHER!

Here’s a pretty darn good way to start with the stripping:

Stop and think, how do you support the banking system?
Do you pay a mortgage or other lie with your pieces of paper?
(You know, the ones rewarded to you for your slave labor that have NO value.)

Credit cards?

Do you have children in public school?

Do you support big business like Wal-Mart?

I know what this sounds like to you and I agree, it is drastic. I began a slow progression into this process a few years ago, but as time begins to collapse, there is no time to “prepare to prepare”. The Time is NOW.
I can hear some of you….“But I have to work. I have to send my child to school. I have to pay for shelter. I have to…yadda yadda yadda…”  LIES! They are all LIES you have been convinced of by those who would oppress Humanity to keep you sedated and on the wheel that feeds their greedy, grossly overstuffed bellies while yours goes hungry. They have made you lazy in your mind and numb in your heart.
“Do what you can with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Rosevelt.

Yes, this means you are going to have to grow your own food, educate your own child, and create your own power. Yes, this means things may be a little rough for a little while. YES, you ARE going to have to get off of your recliner and out of the air conditioning! But the most important ingredient here is to Trust one another. To Love one another. To work TOGETHER, AS ONE! No longer will you be able to hide away in your home and consider yourself separate from the masses, for you are the masses. The time has come for you to get up, go out and hug your neighbor. How are they struggling? What can you do to help? This is the only way we are going to get through these times alive. We have to do it Together. The entire ideal of having to FIGHT one another to be safe and provided for is fast being thrown out the window, join in and find Joy!

The method? The more we RAISE the vibration of our Self, the Higher Gia will vibrate  and the faster peace, Love and abundance for All beings will be a reality for the masses. The secret to raising your vibration? Above all things, Love. Above all else, Love. Love yourself. Love Life in all her forms. Love one another!

In times past this has indeed been a Warriors path, people have been afraid of Love for so long, and Fear makes sane people do crazy things. But the tides are shifting. It is time for us to lay down the swords, lay down the judgment and Fear and just Love.

This November is peaceful non compliance month. To take part all you need do is simply support your Brothers and Sisters who have already made a stand and cease any payment to the banking systems. There are many other ways you can support the peaceful call for change, how ever supporting the dead horse that would enslave you is like adding another link in the chains that would bind us all. Take back your Freedom, your health and your JOY! Let us Rise. Together. In Love.

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