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Sep 18 2012

Moonflower Ministries Presents:

New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony

November 13th

This moon sets the cycle to pre-create a focused reality of community, love, and healing.

Focus sustains us and helps us nourish our seeds of intention during the months ahead.
What sustains us is love, forgiveness, and community.

In nature if something is released it was no longer needed.
Following this ideology we focus on forgiveness of self and others.

The night will include ceremony with fire, medicine wheel, and the elements, followed by a potluck dinner.

Fire Ceremony:
Put the old used up “things” we hold onto into the fire.

Medicine wheel ceremony:
Guided meditation to bring our gatherers into their core and down into the root chakra. Give thanks for all that you have become through the lessons both good and bad.

Elements ceremony:
The ceremony will end with a five elements acknowledgement from the eastern medicine perspective and place objects in those directions as a sign of reverence.

The ceremony will incorporate sound healing with gongs and blows, essential oils, and tong ren healing.

After the ceremony we will partake in a community potluck dinner and dancing.

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