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Sep 16 2012



For: Gregory Dietrich
DOB: 3/8/1981 3:21:00 AM
Ascendant: Capricorn
Sun sign: Pisces
Moon sign: Aries
Mars sign: Pisces
Mercury sign: Aquarius
Venus sign: Pisces

How others see you, Your Ascendant
With your take-charge personality, you’re a born leader. Your developed sense of responsibility, your patience, and your driving ambition make you the one who steps up to the plate in a crisis and more often than not knocks it out of the park.
If you strike out on your first attempt, this only makes you more determined. And with your Capricorn Ascendant, you will not give up.
You like traditions—especially ones you start yourself. And if anyone doubts your sense of humor, they either lack that quality themselves or they’ve simply not been paying attention. Many professional comedians employ Capricorn’s dry wit and impeccable timing.

Your Ego – Your Sun Sign
The last sign in the Zodiac, you’ve seen it all. So if you view the world through rose-colored spectacles, it’s because you’ve learned it looks better that way.
Sensitive to what others are feeling, you have a kind of knowing. Whether through precognitive dreams or just a feeling, you’re intuitive to the point of being psychic. So when you tell people not to travel on a certain day, they should stay home.
With your Sun in Pisces, you’re gifted in creative endeavors. So if your lack of worldly ambition means you never headline at Carnegie Hall, hang your collection at the Museum of Modern Art, or win the Pulitzer, it won’t be for lack of talent.

Your Personality – Your Moon Sign
Spontaneous and courageous, you live in the now and go after what you want with gusto!
Your Aries Moon gives you the self-confidence and the boldness that will land you that corner office or top position in your chosen field, which by the way will be chosen by you and nobody else. You achieve what others are afraid to go after.
You don’t fret and worry about the consequences of your actions. Consequences? What consequences? To you they’re just more opportunities for moving ahead.
Channel that fiery Aries energy and you’ll accomplish all those dreams you’re so passionate about. And anyone who can’t stand the heat should just stay out of your kitchen!

Your Intellect and Communication Style – Mercury
Ideas come to you more quickly than you can catch them, much less act on them.
Inventive and ahead of your time, your Mercury in Aquarius makes you somewhat controversial: you shake things up, rebel against the establishment. But you’re a rebel with a cause. A humanitarian through and through, you help those who but for you might not have a voice.
Your strong intuition makes you an excellent judge of character, and you don’t judge others by what position they hold but by what they’re like on the inside.
Interesting, witty, insightful, you’ll make an excellent public speaker or leader, inspiring others to take up your righteous cause.

Your Relationships, Beauty, and Creativity – Venus
Nobody does it better. Love, that is. You’ve got them all beat because you elevate love to a mystical experience. Your love is like you: very, very deep.
Though you can certainly enjoy the more prosaic aspects of love, such as Valentine’s Day and romantic proposals, you want more. You want to merge with your partner in some unseen realm that we all long for deep in our hearts. You want to transcend the ordinary.
But feint heart never won anyone with Venus in Pisces, for you rarely initiate a romantic partnership. Though you are kind and loving by nature, you keep your romantic feelings to yourself until you know it’s safe to reveal them.

Your Passion, Drive, and Pursuits – Mars
Nobody dreams better than you! You intuit your way through this world and look inward for guidance.
Your rich imagination and extraordinary creativity may pull you toward the arts. With your extraordinary sensitivity and intuition you may even become a psychic. Whatever it is, you’ll know it when you see it.
You seek a spiritual connection with a mate, and you may actually fall in love with someone’s ideals.
Lovely and sublime, compassionate and tender, you may find many who want to be near you. But seewith your own soul–not with another’s needs or ulterior motives–and when a soul mate comes along, you’ll know it when you see it.

Life Changing
Gregory, the above was just a small taste of what I can tell you. But at a time like this, you also want answers about your future. It’s depressing to spend so much time not knowing if what you want to happen will happen. Worse yet, not doing what you could to make it happen.
You are a person who has many great things yet to come into their life. What I have to tell you will turn your life into the life you want – bringing you the things you deserve. What I tell you will be the most important information you will ever receive.
Keep in mind that the path to happiness is more than just monetary riches. Think about a life in which you awaken each morning to greet the day with a smile because you KNOW good things will happen to you! Picture yourself experiencing such a day in which all your spiritual and emotional traffic lights are green, allowing you to sail through the day with no roadblocks!
Imagine yourself walking into a room and automatically being the focal point of attention because your serenity has become so attractive to others. Furthermore, picture yourself being able to WEATHER DIFFICULT TIMES WITH EASE because you know that better days are just around the corner!

Thank you !

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