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Aug 22 2012

The Secrets Sounds of Silence and Love

Inspired from my experience at Rootwire Music and Arts Festival 2012 and revised on 9/11/2012
Big Thank You to the Papadosio crew for creating magic! It was nothing short of spectacular!

When I remove myself from society/reality, I gain an objective view…rw2k12 insights:

  • Judgement is an inherent malfunction that is wreaking havoc on our species.
  • It is OUR responsibility to live our own life so LETS CREATE OUR DREAMS!
  • Critical advice(keystone) -> LOVE YOURSELF!
  • It’s not the destination that matters… it’s the journey that is life.
  • Quit seeking acceptance from the world  and accept yourself!
  • Many people seem to be lost in a mental space filled with delusion and confusion triggered by oppression and obsession, with a side of fear, judgement and desire.
  • The 31st path in Kabbalah, is know as judgement.
  • Actions speak louder than words….. Rather than dragging ourselves along the ground, let’s fly!
  • Flap your wings!
  • Let the ripples spread outwardly!
  • All of us are beings of light, so let yourself shine!
  • It’ll help the people who are wandering aimlessly in the dark.

<3 6r3g =)

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