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May 14 2012

Closed off from life

Communication is challenging because words are full of ambiguity. Preconceived ideas and prejudice easily cloud our perception of things.

We spend a lot of time hiding things from people around us. For much of my life, I was afraid of being judged, and ashamed of myself for my past decisions. Basically, I constantly judged myself. I was paralyzed with fear so I closed myself off from everyone.

Do you ever feel trapped behind a language barrier… or that your words are “lost in translation”?

Working to reconnect with people is a daily challenge, but this is the only way to share the new appreciation and perspective I’ve gained for life along this journey.  I found what it means to love, because I learned to love myself.  From that has blossomed a compassion for life that reminds me that everything is good.  Everything is beauty.  Perception is flawed.  We are all one.


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