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May 10 2012

My political vision

So what is so fundamentally flawed about our current system, what needs to be changed, and how do we begin?

Our current monetary system promotes greed. How instead can we encourage altruism? Money = power: how could this be changed? Corporate interests spur lobbyists and often conflict with the interests of the people… but more legislation and regulation demote free-enterprise.
The people’s voice must be heard. First and foremost to a solution is a balance of power. Our forefathers recognized this, yet its fallen by the wayside. Instead the neverending list of federal agencies pummel local initiatives and work to attack or stamp out state legislation which conflict with national policy(medical marijuana).
Social networking has become a staple of our society. We need to find ways to incorporate a similar system, one of constant communication, updates, and decision-making into our democratic process. Federal authority should be limited to bare bones policy consisting of little more than our founding documents- the constitution, bill of rights, federalist papers, declaration, etc.
As it stands, federal authority has overreached itself and should yield and subside all non-essential policies to the states. Within states, counties should control all non state essential policies. With the massive increase in population since our inception, our current practices are long overdue.

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