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May 10 2012

Insight on war and conflict

The more i think about american politics, the more it sickens me. First of all, the vast majority of young people under the age of 25, and not much better in the 25-45 range, either don’t understand politics and current issues, or don’t care. Of course, part of the reason they don’t care is that’s it’s become overly complicated and bastardized with a voting pool like exists, one vote seemingly evaporates in the herd. On top of that, elections are now like glorified popularity contests. I won’t even mention the funding issue. No matter who is selected into office, their authority is extremely limited anyways. We’d be better off having a panal of leaders similar to the supreme court. One person is too easily influenced and can harbor selfish motives.

I hate war. But fear is profitable, and war is stabilizing. Actually, both are profitable. Extremely profitable. For instance, people will accept during times of war that which they would not accept during times of peace. Civil rights violations, racial profiling, oppression, invasion of privacy, suppression of free speech. Look at the patriot act and the persecution during the cold war and ww2. War makes the stable governing of society possible. It promotes the necessity of accepting political rule.

Also, the cycles of recession, depression, and boom become clear when aligned on the timeline with war. Depressions come during times of less(or inadequate) military spending- after the war of 1812, after the civil war in the 1860’s, after the spanish-american war at the turn of the 20th century, and the great depression following ww1. Only reason no depression after ww2 is the cold war. $ was still being spent. The recession of 2008 coincides with the withdrawal of troops from iraq and afghanistan.

The looming threat of war gives a central government the best opportunity to control. As do ongoing wars like the drug war, war on terror, etc. Fear suppresses radicals. Plus, the more fear we have, the more we spend on security so its in our gov’t as well as many large corporations to keep us in fear, of disease, burglary, drugs, terrorists, fire, war…


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