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Mar 31 2012

Can perception be objective?

I define four distinct levels of perceptual awareness. I’ll portray their arrangement as follows:

At the very core is our primal awareness. This is the base of our awareness on which all other layers are built. However, it is also the most subtle and under recognized. This awareness is with us from birth and retains direct contact with collective consciousness, but is inaccessible to our “thinking” mind, and is therefore rarely recognized by the personality. It is accessible through meditative, thoughtless contemplation, holds no bias or opinion or preconceived concept of reality or how things ‘should’ be. It is holistic, nonjudgmental,and unsubject to emotional persuasion.

Surrounding that primal awareness is the emotional awareness which has two sub-levels: internally motivated(the sub-emotive) and externally motivated(the emotional). These two layers are interrelated as the internal layer can influence the outer and vice-versa. These layers are often described as primary(sub-emotive) and secondary(emotional). Both layers are experienced, directly influencing the primary and linguistic layers, but emotional control can be gained by avoiding focus(thought or affect).

Above the emotional layer is the linguistic level of awareness. This is where some 60% of our awareness occurs( another 30% being controlled by our emotional awareness, though these are interrelated and fluctuate). Linguistic awareness creates the illusion of ‘self’ and is bombarded with stimuli from both the emotional and the physical layers. Linguistic awareness is usually thought of as a ‘stream of thought’ and is subjectively observed as a string of words(ideas, opinions, judgement, etc), the makings of ego.

Finally physical awareness is the interface with reality, It is perceived as sensory input from the physical world, sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell, which radiate down through the other layers.

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